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Welcome back Devin!

...there's two number 4s on that list lol

1 year, 8 months ago on Brook Lopez made an Instagram account for his cat and met the Duck Dynasty CEO through Reggie Evans


This pretty much sums it up. I'd take a locked in core of 4-5 good players for 4 years over 1 good player with space for 4 years. Cap space doesn't build winning culture.

2 years, 6 months ago on I, absolutely and unequivocally, choose this universe


Well it's fair to say this is an unabashedly honest post.

2 years, 9 months ago on Why I Never Cared About Larry Bird


Oh cool it's DV! I'll be tuned in!

2 years, 9 months ago on Podcast: Props and Trades, Both Done and Possible



2 years, 10 months ago on FREE AGENCY BEGINS


Thank you for touching on this I was going on a Twitter rampage thinking nobody else read into that massive contradiction.

2 years, 11 months ago on D-Will doesn't know if he'll re-sign, then knows, then his mom doesn't know


This season was tough. The only excitement that the Nets generated was centered on "future" possibilities. Hopes rose with MarShon and faded as he was benched. We all got excited about Howard and faded when he waved his early opt-out. Lopez was on the up-and-up with a high scoring return but quickly got shut down for the season. There's only so many times fans can go up that roller coaster without giving up, knowing that it ends up coming down. We've got excitement building up for Brooklyn, and thank god because Jersey had no momentum anymore.

2 years, 11 months ago on Net Worth: The Fans


No doubt in my mind about Hump being in the A range. He quickly became my favorite player this season and you can see that he puts in a tremendous amount of work. I think the most interesting part about Hump, like you mentioned, is that he's 27 with room to grow. I'd really hate to see him leave.

2 years, 11 months ago on Net Worth: Kris Humphries


Thanks for using that picture. I think Shelden got a lot of flak this season, and it's not totally fair because with a healthy roster there's no way he has  above-average expectations to live up to. It would be nice to have seen him step up, but to expect him to outperform his expected role is just intentionally disappointing yourself. 


There's two people I have in mind that sit baseline that relentlessly called him a "NAP" or "not a pro" but he's just more of a "not a starter." 


C Indeed.

2 years, 11 months ago on Net Worth: Shelden Williams


Reason to watch the game: Ben Couch doing some giveaways during the live chat. I checked in on 4Square, signed on Get Glue, and tweeted like a madman at the Pru Monday night-to no avail. Imma be a winner. Go NEW JERSEY!

3 years ago on Nets-Raptors: 3-on-3




I really just look at the cool chalkboard style grades and make a comment about how the guys battled. Thanks for the hard work!

3 years ago on Net Worth: Nets 95, Bucks 106


"Neither of these guys are playing tonight." Oh man you guys have provided some funnies this year. Anyway, the Knicks win this one. Shame Deron couldn't play this game, I would have been OK with him beating the Knicks just once more.

3 years ago on 3-on-3: Nets-Knicks


"Most players have a sprinkling of yellows and reds everywhere. But Green is almost all himself."


Solid comment.

3 years ago on Gerald Green Is Not Just A Dunker Anymore, And We Have The Shot Charts To Prove It


Tonight felt uninspired and sloppy. But I think this last stretch was the exception, and an ugly loss at home returns us to the rule. Remember a week or two ago it was looking like our top 3 pick would end up protected. At this point the fans at the arena deserve the effort, and it wasn't there.

3 years ago on Net Worth: Sixers 107, Nets 88


Wow they are really efficient on defense and in not turning the ball over. I think we'll cool off a bit and lose this game.

3 years ago on Nets-Sixers: Open Thread


Great article DK. I'm glad Brook got  shut down for the season, and I think his injuries this year should help the Nets keep him at a lower price. Even if scoring is something other positions can fill, they need that scoring ability in the paint. Lopez is also the largest option at center, and I think we got off pretty lucky this year since many other teams were also "small." But to compete in the East we need a legit big man, Lopez is still young and talented enough to fill that role. 

3 years ago on On Brook Lopez