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That's the series. Can't remember the last time the Sharks blew a series lead. This series is too close, it's going to come down to which team won the OT game or games, and San Jose has won six of their last seven overtimes. They just know how to get lucky, or do something that makes them win even though, if they were really that good of a team, they won't need to come back and go to overtime so much. 


Perron looked invisible, looked hurt. Same with Arnott, hes been so key all year to the Blues success, they go back to a 2 line team without him, and the Sharks top 2 lines are better. The Blues needed that big advantage on their 3rd line and it looks like its gone besides Sobotka who doesnt provide the offense Arnott was supposed to. I want to see D'agostini back in next game.


Won't make a difference as the series is already over, this inexperienced team thats on their worst run of the season is not going to actually come back in a series against the experienced Sharks, playing their best hockey, and have to do it in the Sharks building. Just not going to happen.


Sucks that the Sharks won this series on a cheap pick, too. But thats what they do. Six of the last seven overtimes, they've won, and they only lost when Vancouver got that crazy bounce. They just know all the little tricks, winning the key faceoff and shooting it in off a skate, throwing cheap picks, diving for an overtime powerplay, they are the best at these cheap things. Hitchock has taught the boys well, but he forgot to show them how to cheat the way San Jose does in every big game. They are the masters of it. 


Also where was the hitting tonight? The Kings and Canucks game was so damn physical, huge hits. I barely saw any in this game. The Sharks game winning goal scorer, Havlat, is made of glass. Smash him shoulder to shoulder into the boards, you will take him out of the series if you hit him hard enough, and then maybe you have a chance. Couture can be taken out, too. He cheats so much, he brings that huge advantage of knowing how to do that well, there's not much harder to beat than an expert cheater, so you need to get him out of there with giant but clean hits. Someone needs to do what Andy Sutton did to Jordan Leopold, that type of humongous open ice hit that just lays the guy out. Not the concussion part, but take him out hard and clean.


Unless the Blues get mean and start playing at a high level again, theyre done. Theyre probably done anyway. Cant come back against these guys. 

3 years ago on Blues Fail to Capitalize on Opportunities, Fall in 2nd OT


I've always thought the Blackhawks were never as good as they could be, in part because they seemed to not work as hard as other teams or really make hockey the #1 priority in their lives, ahead of having fun or anything like that. This article just seemed to further that notion, but then I read the part where they didn't have a game for four days. That changed my mind a bit. At least it seems like they are being as responsible as possible, hopefully only partying when they don't have a game any time soon. Good for them (if that's the extent of it). Still think they could work harder and be more focused, though. 

3 years ago on Owning The Night: After Big Wins, Hawks Run Chicago Bar Scene | March