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First of all I would like to say a big thank-you for being so wonderfully generous!! And I really want one of those books lol. So I have entered as follows . I have added you to my blogroll here I have tweeted all 25 lists here!/beberouge_. I have Google+ all the interviews I could and have facebooked or tweeted the ones with out the google plus option so I shared all 25 but 5 were through other sources not sure if thats in the rules :). I have pinned 46 of your 365 days to wear crochet to my pinboard here And I have facebooked 19 Desinger Posts and 14 Artist Profiles on my facebook page here All up I think that makes 144 or 149 depending on if you want to count the interviews I facebooked or tweeted instead of google + oh google+ address is and once again a big thank-you for running such a wonderful competition and an awesome blog. xx

3 years ago on The Huge “Spread The Word” Crocheter’s Dream Giveaway