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I have found little success with sites like Tinder. It does appear that if you're nice you get nowhere, or at least I never have.

Sadly women and men are vain. As much as women I've know have claimed in-conversation on the subject that it's "what inside that counts", it often tends to be a steaming pile of the smelly stuff.

People go on first impressions, then maybe personality, or at least what they perceive. Sad truth, but there you go. So until I'm affluent with a personal trainer focused on turning me into an adonis, I'll stick to building up my startup.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on By failing women, Tinder is really just failing itself


Sounds very similar to the Facebook lawsuits, when they attempted to scare other tech companies who happened to use the word Book in there company name.

Short answer, screw them all!

12 months ago on Breaking bAd bAd: Steven Tyler’s daughter wants to kill this Bay Area band


"then as that deadline looms the likelihood of early investors being forced to hold the lube and bend over when it comes to discussing price is going to increase." - subtle :)

The problem is that when the opportunity to make money is there, outside VC firms will come. Especially when you have companies like like Oculus VR ($2 billion) and Whats App ($19 billion) for example making great exits. It is only natural that outside investors will want a slice of the action, and even though there are many other start-up communities in the world, the valley is the poster child for start-up world.

I am working on my own start-up project, but I'm not in the valley. Nope I'm in Hampshire, UK. More silicon fields than silicon valley.

1 year ago on Beware the investors who don’t share the Silicon Valley norms


As someone who has lost his mother to diabetes (among other conditions) in the last 5 years, I hope that there claims in regards to this product are true, although I am very doubtful.

If however it is a straight up scam, I hope that they are hounded by a herd of diuretic camels.

Great post, lengthy, but worth the read.

1 year ago on Healbe Hustle: The full story of how a failed Russian cake shop owner humiliated Indiegogo and took “the crowd” for over $1m


Spell check! "independent expert to text the device", surely that should be "test the device". Where's my red marker :)

1 year ago on Healbe Hustle: The full story of how a failed Russian cake shop owner humiliated Indiegogo and took “the crowd” for over $1m


This article highlights an issue that non-mainstream music has faced for years. In dance music for example, you don't make money from sales. In a lot of cases you may only just break even when factor in studio time, mastering, promotion and other costs, something I've come across many times having worked in and around dance music 15+ years.

In many situations you can pull in revenue from licencing deals, compilations, and if you're really lucky, royalty payments (PRS in the UK) if your track goes mainstream, but don't hold your breath.

I've found in dance music at least, the bulk of revenue comes from appearances. DJ bookings, live PA's, or sponsorship if you have a popular radio show/podcast, and then there's of course remix fees and the like.

I am not implying that patronage is bad, but it can be part of the tool kit of an artist. But what I will say is, in the modern music world you need to be more than an artist, you need to be a business person too.

1 year, 2 months ago on How should musicians get paid? Like Beethoven did: Patronage


Surely if she's paying people to protest for her, then she is in fact becoming a capitalist? At the very least if she didn't declare it, she would get carted off for Tax evasion perhaps :) A taste of power is all it takes...

1 year, 2 months ago on Occupy Wall Street leader now works for Google, wants to crowdfund a private militia



Couldn't agree more.


I enjoy Sarah's work, matter of fact the first book of hers I read long before I came across her work on TC was, 'The Stories of Facebook YouTube & MySpace' which is still a really good read.


This series seems to basically be Bloomberg's TechStars docu series, sexed up so that the average joe with no interest in business or technology, can get it.


I will watch it, if only to see how the whole thing pans out, and if it lives up to my initial thoughts.

But if you want to know what it is really like in startups then go back and watch TechStars, or wait until The Startup Kids is released in a month or so.

3 years ago on An Open Letter To Randi Zuckerberg: How Could You Do This to Real Entrepreneurs?