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lets see, you got india beefin with china and india beefin with pakistan, who is beefin with turkey, who is beefin with russia, who is beefin with china, who is beefin with korea and japan, while everyone is beefin with israel, and the good ol' USA. while that not happening climate change is not going on....


uh, i think this movie doesn't end well.

1 year, 11 months ago on Access denied | Foreign Policy


the worst thing twitter could do is go public. now its an organic thing that is evolving thru natural uses. its genius is by its simplicity... this election will be known as the twitter election... you dont need a jillion bucks in stock to think your company is great if its privately held.... facebook is the perfect example, and there are hundreds of dead internet ideas still lying on the nyse and nasdaq from 2000.

2 years, 7 months ago on Will Twitter’s Uncanny Luck Ever Run Out?


bears must have a serious 'o' line and they need depth, or it will be another long season... bring back the fullback for blocking . martz never used a real fb...


bear down.

3 years ago on Which Position Should the Chicago Bears Target with Their First Round Pick?