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Its nice to have that luxury, as much as we want to see Kershaw pitch.

Something tells me if it was the heat of a pennant race or the playoffs, he'd be out there. But being early and the depth here allows the team to be SURE he's 100%, which is nice. 

And hell, if anyone could win a Cy Young despite missing 2 months, its Kershaw.

2 weeks, 2 days ago on Clayton Kershaw and Brian Wilson hurting, but don’t fret too much


OK thanks rain makes much more sense

4 weeks ago on Clayton Kershaw starts season off right, Dodgers prevail 3-1 in opener


Still trying to figure this one out...I slept through my alarm but managed not to miss a pitch...If it was "planned" shouldn't they have known about it and listed the game time accordingly? Planned & delay contradict each other. Wacky Aussies

Gotta be the first "planned ceremonies" delay in MLB history

Anyone that was watching who could fill me in here?

4 weeks ago on Clayton Kershaw starts season off right, Dodgers prevail 3-1 in opener




He's the first (and only) Dodger autograph I had acquired in person, on my fitted cap. My other autographs are all purchases on photos and or cards.

But further, its the way I got his autograph. I was attending a game in Baltimore (in which Shawn Green would launch a ball onto Eutaw Street), and during warmups down near the Dodger dugout I was clamoring for anyone of even remote name recognition to sign my hat-but the assortment of Dodger fans there were all pushing their wares frantically in front of me. I stood patiently, and Reboulet walked past a large row of fans to walk right up to me, telling me he "respected the way I was standing there patiently for someone to sign", and that he wanted to make sure I got an autograph. (side note: His mustache was majestic, a true relic of past baseball glory). 

To this day its my prized piece of Dodger memorabilia, despite it being from a utility player with a very brief stint. Class act, that Reboulet.

1 month ago on The All-Forgettable Team