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Or, maybe it's 1. YOUR PERSONAL BIAS TOWARD THE NATIONAL WHINY PRIMA DONNA THUGBALL ASSOCIATION, or 2. the four letter network not allowing the NBA lockout to have an effect on ratings by shoving it down our collective throats constantly.  The lockout was the last straw as far as my interest in the NBA goes.  I haven't watched an NBA game all season, and don't plan to go back anytime soon, maybe ever.  Meanwhile, I'm a white Southern 39 years old male, about to turn 40, and I am a lifelong baseball fan and watch as many games as possible, not just the Atlanta Braves either.  I also LOVE college baseball, and try to catch as many college games as possible as well.  AND, football is second on my sports viewing pecking order!!

3 years ago on MLB opener ratings up, but there's bad news | April