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Vox is my new drug of choice. 

I mean news... news of choice.

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1) That skinny chick on the left looks familiar....

2) There are 6 other people demanding the return of WITN?

3) There might be a lot of value for $250 but it's more than I need, particularly because I don't see myself going to any events. I would appreciate a Subscriber option closer to the NSFWcorp offering.

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@worstall @MatthewMountford  Tim, you need to separate the philosophy and theory of the scenario from what actually happened. Yes, theoretically lower salaries would reduce incentives for people to become engineers, but we know damn well that the actual number isn't "unknown," it's ZERO because engineering salaries are at record highs despite the collusion. Tech news is full of non-stop stories about fashion executives being poached by Apple, Google offering $150k salaries to college graduates, and unsatisfied bankers leaving Wall Street for Silicon Valley startups. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the tech industry isn't a bubble, but it sure as hell is ballooning at a rapid pace. 

A just law has obviously been broken, but I'm not entirely convinced that means an injustice was done to tech workers. 

4 weeks, 1 day ago on The actions of the Techtopus would have had Karl Marx choking on his cornflakes


"The failure of wages to rise means that fewer people with the requisite skills end up doing tech engineering: they’re stuck being quants on Wall Street perhaps. And fewer people will respond to those price incentives and acquire those requisite tech skills."

I don't really want to quibble over anything in this article because I agree with the main point, but you KNOW this statement is false. The wage collusion only kept wages from skyrocketing through the roof, not from raising at all much less at break-neck speeds. You can analyze the effects the collusion has on the employees just as much as you can speculate on the executives trying to protect their corporate profits, but it is disingenuous not to acknowledge that the competition reached the point of being a dysfunctional market abnormality.

At a certain point there is an alignment of interests where high employee turn-over rates are just as damaging to the employees as it is to the company. No? 

1 month ago on The actions of the Techtopus would have had Karl Marx choking on his cornflakes


Welcome to Pando Fucking Daily. You must be new here...

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