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Definitely get what you mean - especially with all of the spam and phishing accounts about these days. One thing that I've been trying lately is using a custom link shortener - other than, tinyurl, etc. that uses a short version of the brand or product name. Clicks on those links seem to be getting at least 50-70% more clicks compared to using or other shortened links.


.tco links also seem to get decent traffic, as well as the - mostly, I'd say, because people know those links go to Twitter or Facebook and are less likely to be spam. It might be worth trying if you are having trouble getting traffic on your links.

2 years, 6 months ago on How to Double the Power of Your Tweets


Very cool. Agreed on the subject of it being bulky, however. Also, find a way to incorporate inductive charging (aka wireless) and I'll buy 10!

2 years, 9 months ago on Say Goodbye To Ugly Portable Phone Chargers


Fantastic writeup, Janet. Some serious nostalgia kicking in right about now. Even though I never use AIM anymore, "superman724" will forever hold a place near and dear in my heart as the first screen name I ever had back in 5th grade. Good times. A fond farewell.

3 years ago on Top 10 Things We'd Miss About AIM