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When you talk about the future of primary education, it's worth examining what's going on with professional training. The U.S. training market is a $100 billion + market annually, and a large portion of that ($30-$40 billion) is already online (citations all here: 


Factors driving this adoption:

- content is becoming fungible (I work for, which is a marketplace for online training - like iTunes for education)

- more nimble customers have driven faster market development

- there's a (mostly) effective software standard for corporate training content - to ensure content works across platforms (this is SCORM - see for more info)


The lack of an effective standardization for content has made cross-use of content across platforms (in a way that tracks) difficult. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Re-thinking education for the Internet Age


This is a particularly hard problem for community-based sites like Quora- in part because the "in-crowd" can be unwelcoming to the newbies and in part because it turns into a huge time-suck for the startup's own team, both community and technical. The more of an "in-crowd" feeling you create, the harder it is to grow - and in that case the community and the founders' interests are not aligned. Community wants their tight-knit Cheers-like bar feeling and the founders want expansive growth (usually). Tough problem to solve.

3 years ago on Impossible and Inevitable: When Core Users Turn On You