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Before I hit about a cyber tuesday discount ? :)  For those of us who don't hit eventbrite in the first hour, or catch posts in the first 24 hours... :)

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@sarahcuda @stevemargc Just wanted to reiterate.  Love the new design, looks and feels great, and fun on a tablet/moble.  But, on an ultrabook, the nav, ticker and then the horizontal pick list of articles take up so much real-estate, I can't even see the summary of a full article without scrolling.  I get you'll tweak...but right now, this would stop me reading on laptop (it's fine on my big monitor and other devices).  Keep up the good work.

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It is not a giant iPad, it is a Microsoft Perceptive Pixel display. It is not a giant iPad, it is a giant Microsoft Surface. Yes we can.

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So if some scrappy startup had created a Landing Page with launchrock, created a concept video of what they're working on, and gone viral with this video, we'd be going nuts for it, and this coverage would be of a very different sentiment, would it not?  Isn't this what Dropbox did.....?  Videoware, here's what we're thinking....


Big organizations can learn a great deal from the agility and approach of the startup community.


And personally, I think we all benefit, however big our organizational headcount, when innovation and research is shared before commercialised. 

3 years ago on The Problem with Google’s Concept Video