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I agree with the overall point of the article, but I'm fairly confident that the 22 second stat (as impressive as it is) is complete BS. For the "average" (not median) stock to be held for only 22 seconds it would require that a volume equal to the total number of outstanding shares would have to change hands every 22 seconds... this would result in daily volumes that were over 1000x the outstanding shares of a company, when in reality a stock like GOOG trades at volumes of about .005x their outstanding shares. ...unless someone has better math to prove otherwise.

9 months ago on Sorry, Dan Primack: Going public doesn’t help the country. Building great companies does


It sounds like you think an industry has to be sexy for people to have a passion for it (ie basketball vs croquet). I disagree.  With unsexy industries that most people don't have an innate passion for (I'm pretty familiar with enterprise software), as long as you love solving problems & building cool stuff you can do so passionately & wake up excited to get back to work.  Bringing it back to your analogy, if you play croquet with the intensity and enthusiasm as you would play basketball... you might able to eventually change the game completely (and love every minute of the process).

2 years, 3 months ago on For the love of the game


just wanted to put in a comment of support for Uber... and capitalism.

2 years, 5 months ago on A final word on Uber and their ghastly attempt to spin their way to sainthood


coloft played such an important role in the creation of Look.IO. Marc & I met there months prior to founding the company while separately hacking & helping each other with side projects. The startup weekend that Marc & Joe where created our initial prototype was at coloft. Our first customers (TestMax & Zaarly) were introduced to us there. For the first 5 months of building the product we spent 12-16 hours per day there. The energy & feedback of fellow CoLofters (and the amazing staff) flowed through the product & kept us motivated to work harder & faster than ever before. Avesta constantly went out of his way to introduce us to every investor or partner that walked through the door. There is something very special about CoLoft, it's impact on my life cannot be measured.

2 years, 8 months ago on CoLoft Is the Cheers of the LA Tech Ecosystem, Now With Night School


I think this an absolutely critical point (particularly for first time entrepreneurs). Sure, work on some side projects while you're doing your day job (just realize they'll likely never go anywhere... but you're building valuable skills). Whenever you're going to raise some capital and tackle a major opportunity you definitely need to focus on that, and only that. I don't think it's really about splitting your time, but it's more about splitting those background threads of brain power. It's the little ideas that come while you're on a run, in the shower etc that won't be there if your mind is fragmented & your focus is spread.

2 years, 11 months ago on Jesse Middleton and The Importance of 100% Focus On Your Best Idea


I'm continuously impressed by the quality of entrepreneurs and teams I meet from Mucker, Erik & William are probably the two strongest product guys I've ever met in my life... they just get it.

2 years, 11 months ago on Inaugural MuckerLab Demo Day Brings the House Down


really interesting to hear... though I've heard they're moving to do more native development in their iOS app instead of relying so heavily on UIWebViews (most great iOS devs hate the idea of developing w/ UIWebViews).

I also imagine that the heavy implementation of email notifications drives at least 30-40% of those visits on the mobile web (would love to see them also implement the fb:// URL Scheme in email notifications)

3 years ago on Facebook’s Mobile Web App Sees More Monthly Users Than Its iOS/Android Apps Combined