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Your mistake, Sarah, is assuming Randi, even though you "know" her is an emotionally mature individual with good judgment and decision making skills.  People should be judged by their actions and not their words.  Being the sibling of a very smart, wealthy and successful brother does not automatically or naturally imbue those same traits to you.


No doubt Randi feels an overwhelming compulsion to bring public attention to herself, and has no qualms about how that is accomplished.  Mark has been all about letting his work speak for itself and has never been one to seek attention beyond his work.  Randi demonstrates the opposite of her brother's mindset.


Two things are apparent here: 1) Bravo came to Randi with the show idea or 2) Randi went to Bravo.  In the end, it was Randi's decision to do the project.  It was a bad decision, all the way around.  Bravo could care less how debasing the people in their abhorrent "Housewives of..." shows impacts those people.  Participation in such shows are psychological case studies in how little self-esteem and pride some people have in themselves.  Makes you wonder, what is missing in Randi's life that would lead her down this new path.


Worse, Randi fails to grasp the reality that, were it not for Mark, Bravo would not be returning her phone calls.  And, she fails to see the possible fall-out for doing a show like this as it might impact her brother.  Does anyone think this show was sold without the promise of Mark making some periodic appearances?  This show will be nothing more than a backdoor approach to expose the underbelly of the under 30's of SV and of Facebook.  To actually believe the goals of Bravo are anything more is to be stunningly naive.

3 years ago on An Open Letter To Randi Zuckerberg: How Could You Do This to Real Entrepreneurs?