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If you are a "lifelong Falcons fan" then your problems are WAY bigger are Petrino. (And as "lifelong Falcons fans" are also generally "lifelong UGA fans" and "lifelong Braves fans" ... ditto and more so.) Petrino was in Atlanta for less than a year. And when he was hired, a lot of you wanted him to be the guy who got rid of Michael Vick (long before anyone knew about the dogfighting), DeAngelo Hall etc. The truth is that Petrino did no harm whatsoever to the Falcons other than blowing 1st round pick on Jamaal Anderson - and don't pretend as if you guys didn't blow PLENTY of first (and second and third and fourth) round picks before and since. It is easier to stay angry at Petrino than it is to criticize the current coaches/ownership of the Falcons (and Braves and UGA) isn't it? Alabama fans have long gotten over their messes with Shula, Price and DuBose because they are winning titles. The same is true of the folks at Auburn: thanks to 2010, none of them are thinking about Tuberville or Petrino. LSU? No one there is thinking about what Saban did, because Les Miles has won 2 SEC titles, 2 BCS games and a national title since.


I am going to go ahead and say it: your problem isn't Bobby Petrino being Falcons' coach for (less than) a year: it is Mark Richt's being UGA's coach for more than 10 years. I personally think that Petrino should be fired for this, but then again I don't delude myself into thinking that this is anything other than VERY COMMON among men - and increasingly women - who are rich and powerful. Decadent behavior like this has been going on for who knows how long. Our press just doesn't cover it the way that the British tabloids do (unless something happens to make it newsworthy) which allows the folks who choose to remain deluded about how folks in positions of power really act remain just that: deluded. So if Arkansas has to fire their best coach since Lou Holtz - and unlike Holtz, one who has proven himself to be able to maintain winning and do so without scandal coming soon after - it won't be because Petrino is any worse a person than most people in power, but because he was reckless enough to get caught. (Yes, the same is true of Damon Evans.)


This isn't to say that there aren't legitimately good, decent guys in big time sports and in other positions of authority, but that we shouldn't act surprised when the guys that AREN'T get caught.

3 years ago on Hogs' Petrino Put On Leave Amidst Scandal; We Find It Sad, Not Funny