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Thank you for taking a stand for quality against quantity. When I read your line, "They read all the articles their customers are reading to get a better understanding of what content is out there and what “holes” exist that Smartie can fill," I was cheering. That's exactly what I do as part of my content inventory and gap analysis for clients, and it always pays off. 


There is still a common lack of understanding, even among clients who prefer to produce lengthier content on a less frequent basis, about what constitutes good content. Like brands who have a perfectly good press room but then fill their blogs with press releases. (I wrote about this recently: I just might read the rest of a site--even the press releases--if the original content I landed on was really useful and entertaining, but if it's not, I'm outta there.


Thanks for a great discussion, Jayme!

3 years ago on Good Content vs. Bad Content