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Stan has had this reputation of not being as great a coach as everyone thinks though...he had a meeting with the gm to tone it down during the season because he was losing players...does anyone remember Miami? Pat Riley himself stepped down and took over and the Heat won a championship...he didn't do that with Spoelstra and a lot of people say Van Gundy is a better coach...Shaq called him the master of panic and this was a panic move today...if I'm a player and i tell my bosses i don't like the coach (which plenty of people do everyday to upper mgmt about their own bosses) and then that gets 'leaked' to the coach that is stupid. but for the coach to then tell the media makes you look the casual fan it makes d12 look like the bad guy but to people involved in the game it makes svg look selfish as well

2 years, 11 months ago on Dwight Howard vs. Stan Van Gundy