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This is exactly what I wanted after a bank holiday - some desk listening for the morning.

1 year, 11 months ago on WITN: Sarah has raised more money, while Paul turns to panhandling


This is one of the most interesting and brilliant editorials on Pando in past while.  Well done.

I'm not sure that an IPO for Dropbox is going to yield the success that they are hoping for.  I agree that an Apple acquisition would be good for everyone involved - especially shareholders.  It would likely yield a much better payday than an IPO.  However, I'm not sure that Dropbox could command a double the valuation from Apple for a number of reasons - not least given Apple's perceived ego in the marketplace.  I don't think Cook, the board, or other Apple C-suite personnel would like the idea of paying a 100% markup on what they still in all honestly probably view as a 'feature'.

2 years ago on If Apple were smart, it would buy Dropbox, no matter the cost


It's posts like this that make me fall more in love with what PandoDaily is all about.

2 years, 5 months ago on Bitching and hard work aside, any entrepreneur in the Valley has a lot to be thankful for


This is the best article I have read on PandoDaily.  FACT!

2 years, 6 months ago on Boston talent wars descend into Internet geekery and philanthropy


PandoDaily is by far one of the most innovative and exciting blogs out there.  It's announcements like this that keep me coming back every single day.  And, ideas like this that make me read ever word that you write on PD.  Keep 'em coming.

2 years, 9 months ago on PandoDaily Launches New Advice Column “Dear Startup Genius”


Wow.  @PaulCarr loves to rant!  Good to have you guys back on the screens.  The PandoMonthly New York shirts look great!

2 years, 10 months ago on Why Isn’t This News? Three Things You Don’t Hate About You


I love the false call-out for me.  Glad to see this show return this week.  I just wish I could have seen Paul's face during his insane rant.

3 years ago on Why Isn’t This News? ‘Owl’


 @sarahcuda pulling no punches in this piece and I love it.  Thanks for calling out the BS that surrounds not just the Valley, but the innovative tech industry in general.

3 years ago on An Open Letter To Randi Zuckerberg: How Could You Do This to Real Entrepreneurs?