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someone on 4chan wrote the best take on the state of E3 that I have read recently:

2 years, 10 months ago on Everything You Missed at E3 (Day 1)


 @ciaranj you are absolutely right.

also: this nintendo thing is a painful watch. they tried to make fun of the supposed clichés viral marketing usually caters to. so they just shove all of them into your face. wow..

3 years ago on When Viral Marketing Goes Viral


 @cjackson IS true: pando is  exclusively covering the SV. none of the stories have ever been been about other places in the US (to not even speak of other countries), the founder of pandoL does not have a reputation to have one or two insights to the international start-up scene. when she goes to  africa it's to shoot endangered species from the chopper. or to poach ivory

3 years ago on Facebook’s Yahoo Smackdown: This Is Why Consultants Shouldn’t Run Tech Companies