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 @Redlac Oh, indeed.  Definitely my favorite on the current gen-consoles, if not of all time.  It's certianly the best sci-fi series I've had the pleasure of enjoying for awhile now.


Looking to the future, I think I'd like to see Bioware do a Mass Effect equivalent of Rogue Squadron; I'd love to get in the cockpit of a turian fighter, maybe do a little space dog-fighting against the batarians, or take part in the raid on Shanxi.

2 years, 5 months ago on The potential fallout of BioWare's new Mass Effect 3 ending


Given the amount of evidence pointing towards the indoctrination theory, I don't think they're really changing the ending.  People say the idea of the endings being the Reapers attempt to indoctrinate Shepard is giving Bioware's writing staff too much credit, but look at the rest of Mass Effect 3.  Hell, look at the rest of the Mass Effect series; it's definitely one of the best written game stories I've ever seen. 


I do suspect that perhaps they might have been forced to release the game earlier than expected, which would make the 'changed ending' more likely the ending they intended to release originally, but simply didn't have enough time to finish before release. 


I know some will fuss if I'm right, and the new ending is, as some would call it 'rainbows and butterflies', but consider this; even if the ending as it is now is nothing more than an indoctrinated dream, Shepard was still willing to sacrifice himself (or herself) in every possible ending to stop the war.  Is that sacrifice any less meaningful than if it were real?

2 years, 6 months ago on The potential fallout of BioWare's new Mass Effect 3 ending