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Spurs should really get him. Sure a he was a draft bust. But I know he can give the Spurs a huge upgrade. Because Duncan played along side with David Robinson, Nazr Mohammed, and Fabrico Oberto to win championships. Since now Tiago Splitter is a good center but he's a post present not athletic. Greg Oden brings athleticism and more size to the Spurs. He could help Duncan on the post, run with Parker on the pick and roll, and become a strong defender. If Spurs get Greg Oden, they will compete with the Lakers, Thunder, and Heat. And become more dangerous in the playoffs. Watch

2 years, 8 months ago on Ex-Spur Bowen supports Popovich for next U.S. head coach | August


Stephen A Smith is an idiot, He thinks the Thunder r goin to the Finals? (Wrong) because the Thunder got beat by the Spurs twice nigga, and not only that Skip it's not Tiago. It's gonna be Stephen Jackson who will make the Spurs run to the Finals WATCH

3 years ago on Video: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has no love for Spurs' Splitter | April