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@Umfuld @RayCromwell  I see that Pando's new found agitprop clickbait is attracting only debaters of the highest intellectual calibre. Apparently, when the NSA installs a chip in someone's head, it causes severe impairment of cognitive capacity.

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Google apparently scrubs military contractor partner listing, after Pando report


@EdisonCarter  Google Sheets has been down much more than that over the year, just in the last few months it's been down several hours. Use and scroll back.

Not to mention that what appears to be down here is not the Google Sheets app, but the Google Sheets RSS/Atom Feed.   After Google killed Reader the state of their GData APIs has been somewhat unloved. 

Again, if Yasha went to Twitter and got the "Fail Whale" for tweets for a specific user, what would be more likely:

"They've scrubbed the tweets because <insert conspiracy here>!"


The service has a problem. Deleted Tweets look different than Service Failures.

The page is question is not "scrubbed", it's not an HTML document with data in it, instead it's an empty container that pulls in data from a Google Spreadsheet/Google Docs, and renders it using Javascript. For some reason, the service which serves up the data is returning 500 Internal Server Errors, not '404 Not Found' (data doesn't exist), or '403 Forbidden' (it's been made private) This strongly indicates a problem with the service.

Why would Google spend extra effort to fake a 500 Service Error when someone could just edit the Spreadsheet with those customers it supposedly doesn't want the public to know about, and delete them? It would take only a few minutes to delete spreadsheet rows vs trying to get engineers to make a fake service and deploy it. It would be trivial to remove, and the page would still render with other customers  instead of being blank. Do you think Google Sales wants their sales landing page to be empty? That looks pretty bad to potential cloud customers that their service is unreliable.

I mean, Yasha's article is potentially useful because maybe now they'll notice the site is down and fix it. But unless the site comes back with those customers redacted, it's really a case of jumping the gun and making assertions without waiting for the facts. Is this the kind of story exclusive that needed to be published before actually doing some research to find out why the page is down? These are not Snowden exclusives.

I just think this is pretty amateurish for Pando to rush out articles like this. And how likely is it that they'll be a retraction/apology?

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Google apparently scrubs military contractor partner listing, after Pando report


Instead of jumping to a conspiracy theory conclusion, maybe you should visit your Web Browser's Javascript console to see that there's actually a network error and Javascript error preventing the site from loading. There's no "scrubbing" going on, the blank page is a result of a failed network request to  If they really wanted to 'scrub' the page, they would have added some content as a placeholder, not bomb out the browser with tons of errors. The most likely reason is that the server which serves up Spreadsheet API feeds (which according to the Web Console is what is failing), is hosed, it's returning HTTP 500 errors.  Again, if they wanted to 'scrub' it, why not just delete the entries out of the spreadsheet, instead of making their web server return errors as if it crashed?

Time to get your lithium prescription refilled.

3 weeks, 2 days ago on Google apparently scrubs military contractor partner listing, after Pando report