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What the hell is the 30% cut for if not to pay for delivery costs and a healthy margin? Amazon has every right to do this, sure--it doesn't mean it isn't sleazy.

2 years, 10 months ago on Amazon Charges “Gigantic” Data Fees To Authors, Whiny Bitches Report


While I understand what you mean, sometimes those first users do have a point; sometimes things really only work in the way that gave them value because they were so small. This is especially true when there is limited physical space; imagine the value of a cocktail party in your apartment with ten friends versus a cocktail party in your apartment with everyone you ever met. The larger of those two may have redeeming values of its own--you'll certainly run into some people you wouldn't otherwise--but you might find yourself a little crowded.

3 years ago on Impossible and Inevitable: When Core Users Turn On You