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I like this idea. A guild like mine is usually torn - we are not hardcore nor server first, but we tend to feel guilty about enjoying the journey to max-level.


It would be so much nicer to just be able to not feel rushed .After all, the server first isn't "how soon after launch" it's "how quickly you completed.


If there is a grace period  and then the starting pistol is fired, progression will reflect skill far more than it does now.



2 years, 7 months ago on Idea: Release Mists with No Raids?


You have to remember that what you are asking for is something these people get paid to do. They are logging in to the game to escape work. So not only are you asking them to work, but you are asking them to work for free.


So please be sensitive to your guildies. Be cognizant of when you are merely "talking shop" and when you are imposing on them. Ask politely, and don't feel you "deserve" support just because you're guildies. And if you are also a professional, be equally giving - or maybe gift your professional guildie with an in-game tchatchke as thank you. It may not be needed, or requested, but it will certainly be appreciated.

2 years, 7 months ago on Professionals in your Guild