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In reading this article, if nothing else, it's cool to see you're a Simpsons fan too, John.

2 years, 5 months ago on SEC Game Previews – 11/16/12 (Glorified Scrimmage Edition)


Great work as always John; it'll be interesting how everything looks after this.

2 years, 11 months ago on SEC And Big 12 Agree To New Bowl, But What Else Does It Mean? And For Whom?


Hopefully the SEC gets the Sun Bowl, because I've always felt that game would be a great SEC/PAC 12 match-up when geography is considered.

3 years ago on Slive Talks New Bowl Possibilities For His League


Pathetic. Utterly, utterly pathetic. 

3 years ago on Douchebags of Twitter vs Alex Oriahki | April


All I can say is Sticks and Stones. Meaning, can someone get me some of those so we can beat some sense into this nimrod?

3 years ago on The SEC Captures The Flag - Again (And Rival Fans Hate You For It)