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Sather is just a figurehead the past few years. Gorton has been running this team since 2010. Don’t fool yourselves! I am by no means a Sather fan but the guy has had some bad luck. Besides Redden, I thought and I’m sure most you all thought the Gomez, Drury, Richards signings were great moves when they happened, but they turned out to be complete busts. Not many GM’s would’ve refused those signings. Hell……. A couple of those guys could’ve taken more money elsewhere. 

Would he (sather) be such a scapegoat if we had 3 more “homegrown” talents in our line up right now? Well……. If not for horrific incidents, we’d have a starting goalie (Blackburn) in his prime, a top 4 defensemen (Sauer) in his prime and a 1st line sniper (cherepanov) in our line up right now. Who knows where we’d be with those 3 assets still playing.

Our savior “Gorton” has been auditioning to be Sather’s predecessor for the past 4 years. How long does it take to right the ship? Just some bad luck manifested by some perceived bad rooster moves.

1 month ago on Could Sather Retire At End of Season?