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@scrangersfan @Bollard8 On 12/22/14 Talbot agreed to a $1.45 million deal for next season. He is earning $575,000 this season. He is signed through June 30, 2016.

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Talbot knows and everybody knows he has just played himself out of New York. He deserves a chance to be #1 somewhere in this league. Let’s take a look a couple comparable netminders that were traded the past few years.

Bernier to Toronto…… Bernier had a little more hype about his game coming out of AHL but there was a very small sample size of NHL experience to gauge. He was traded to Toronto for Matt Frattin (serviceable 3/4th liner), Ben Scrivens (backup) and a SECOND rd. pick.

Ben Bishop to Tampa……. 3 years as a backup goalie with the Blues and Senators. At the age of 26 he was traded to Tampa Bay for Cory Conacher and a fourth rd. pick. At the time Conacher was 2nd in the ROOKIE scoring race and was having a great start to his career, the Senators thought they just stole the next MSL from Tampa.

What return will Talbot bring the Rangers in the offseason?

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@KevinMccarthy @wherewasi  If 21 finished his assignment (check) on Martin, instead of doing a leisurely rink turn behind our goal. Martin wouldn't have been sitting on top of the crease for the "tap in" goal that stole all our thunder. A small, simple play can make the difference in a game.

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@KevinMccarthy  unconfirmed that Cam is starting tonight, not SO. Just my take on that!

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All this talk about dealing Talbot for a useful player is a pipedream. What is Talbot really worth? Ben Scrivens goes to the Oilers for a 3rd round pick and Fasth goes there too for a 5th and 3rd (2015). So what's he worth? I'd say a 3rd at best, especially since he'll be a UFA come July1.

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Sather is just a figurehead the past few years. Gorton has been running this team since 2010. Don’t fool yourselves! I am by no means a Sather fan but the guy has had some bad luck. Besides Redden, I thought and I’m sure most you all thought the Gomez, Drury, Richards signings were great moves when they happened, but they turned out to be complete busts. Not many GM’s would’ve refused those signings. Hell……. A couple of those guys could’ve taken more money elsewhere. 

Would he (sather) be such a scapegoat if we had 3 more “homegrown” talents in our line up right now? Well……. If not for horrific incidents, we’d have a starting goalie (Blackburn) in his prime, a top 4 defensemen (Sauer) in his prime and a 1st line sniper (cherepanov) in our line up right now. Who knows where we’d be with those 3 assets still playing.

Our savior “Gorton” has been auditioning to be Sather’s predecessor for the past 4 years. How long does it take to right the ship? Just some bad luck manifested by some perceived bad rooster moves.

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Stop panicking!!!! All 5 guys are RFA's....... There's a pretty hefty price to pay by another team if they sign an offer sheet.

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 @Jbianco  @SA24

 9 of 12 points......... exactly. No need to panic! If we lose tmrw night, then we panic!

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The Rangers have (3) 3rd round picks this year, so the 3rd round pick in 2013 that the sharks received will be in the Panthers position. We got that pick for the Wojtek Wolski trade.


I like the trade.......... The guy is a Warrior, with a good skill set.


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 Thomas Pock........... Austrian i think. didnt he score 2 goals in his first game up?

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Stop panicing.............. Haley had to be sent down because of the amount of games played. One more game with the big club and he'd have to clear waivers to be sent down in the future. So they needed to fill the roster spot and Krieder is the best option.

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