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Nice tips! I would also think about hiring freelancers. I personally, as a freelancer myself, working with , I have been hired twice in short notice after employee absences like the ones mentioned in the article.

Thank you!

2 years, 11 months ago on 3 Tips for Hiring Temporary Employees to Avoid Permanent Problems


Affordable prices and products that stand out are always a reason for me to visit a store and why not, buy something I might find. I currently work as a freelancer with the agency but I am planning of creating a small business someday. I have some crazy ideas in mind... Thank you!

2 years, 11 months ago on Kentucky Business Goes "Bananas" For Intuit Small Business Grant


Small businesses contribute to the bigger purpose of a healthier society. Just imagine what the freelancing "movement" offers in combination with the small business...





you name it...

With these agencies and some free time in your hands, you can say goodbye to the old unhealthy daily schedule you used to have.

Your life (mine did) can make a turn towards the life you dreamed as a child... You know, free time, no boss, a walk in the park in the morning... etc..

3 years ago on Do Small Businesses Help People Live Longer?


I am both a freelancer and contractor in and getting the right and legit referrals is easy through the "PPH Certified" program. Also "every job is manually screened before it is approved and posted to the site. Feedback can only be left once a Freelancer has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place." .

3 years ago on How to Choose the Right Freelance Consultants