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My main problem with Go Daddy is the constant upsell. You can't register a domain or SSL without being offered a list of useless marketing or utility products. I mean, they have no shame in selling you a package of 10 emails with your hosting as if this was 1996. Add that to the awful admin tools (anything from figuring out which products you have and what they cost, to setting up an email) and you can't help but wonder: "why should I use these guys at all?"

2 years, 11 months ago on No More Breasts, Elephants, or SOPA: How Warren Adelman Is Saving Go Daddy’s Soul


His strategy makes perfect sense, and he's doing exactly what Bing should have done instead of spending its money in the US. I think that their second market should be the Arabic world, which has far larger population and value, and is another place where Google's offer is mediocre at best. What he needs to keep in mind is that there are two pillars to a successful search engine: 1) organic search results and 2) relevant and competitive ad market to go along. At the moment, Yandex advertising system is not very scalable for an advertiser, written mostly in Russian and lacks a proper editor (Bing's is much better). It also uses different logic and all in all - misses most of its potential, and it is something that needs solving regardless of the internationalization of the site. I do wish him success as we need those 30% market share Google alternatives more than one can imagine, and its a pity none exists in most of the world's languages. 

3 years ago on Inside Yandex’s Plan for its Next $1 Billion in Annual Revenue