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 @Reddy I'm not even sure how I feel about that.

2 years, 9 months ago on NOHS Free Agent Frenzy | July


Every time my girlfriend and I have messed around the Wings have won a game.  We have 7 games and no losses on days we've done the horizontal limbo.  Including game 2 of the series.  That said, it can be done for the next game.


3 years ago on Get Out Your Superstitions - We're Gunna Need All The Help We Can Get | April


Favourite poster ever.

3 years ago on Gameday Movie Poster & Open Post: Ping & Pong | April



Kronwall is coming... 

3 years ago on Red Wings Playoff Recap: 4.11.2012 | April



 I agree, I would love a Dirty Bert poster

3 years ago on March Movie Poster Madness: The Finals | April


Dirty Bert, I want it on my wall. NOW.

3 years ago on March Movie Poster Madness: Final Four - Matchup #2 | April


Man I can't handle having my heart broken because of Kindl agin tonight.

3 years ago on Detroit vs New Jersey: The Franz Is Back | April


I think He should stay on the team.  If we're getting rid of people like Hudler who are out their putting in the effort and keeping players like Franzen who don't seem to care at all the team won't go anywhere fast.

3 years ago on Happy For Hudler | April


You're a big part of the heart of the Red Wings.  They don't play the same when they're missing players like you.  I read "tough Guy" in November, the biography of Bob Probert.  He says a lot of people really liked Yzerman because he was willing to go to the corners, and do a lot of the dirty work.  Your injury is because of similar work, so we can't forget you.

3 years ago on Time to Lift the Spirits of a Wounded Wing | April