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Well, I am a long, longtime Sonics fan who's been watching/loving these Thunder for the last THREE years (even during the dark ages).  I've been reading and enjoying both DT and this board the entire time.  I just wanted to offer up that, watching both the Lakers and Bulls games, I'm struck by how much more fluid and potent the half-court offense has become.  No more KD on the elbow every play.  There's movement and diversity and it's sooooo great to see.  I actually was most encouraged by the pick/roll between Westbrook and Ibaka early in the game.  Russ came off the screen, pulled both defenders into the paint, and shoveled to Serge.  He missed the shot, but it was a wide, wide open look.  Just a good sign.  This stretch of games has been incredible.  I cannot f-ing wait for Wed...


2 years, 12 months ago on OKC soars past the Bulls in clash of top teams, 92-78