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I really can't believe they selected a high school player. With a farm system this gutted and in need of pitching, it seems like they would select a college-level pitcher who was closer to major league ready.

That being said, its highly possible with the 72nd pick that kind of pitcher just wasn't available anymore. Let's hope he signs!

1 year, 10 months ago on Hunter Green is your new favorite Angel prospect


While Kendrick might appeal to other teams, this probably isn't happening. The entire starting lineup is signed through next season. Clearly, they are  going to try one more time with this squad before they even think of blowing it up. The Angels have also proven time and time again to never be sellers. It's one thing to have a losing team but once you start selling off star players, that's when people REALLY stop coming to the ballpark. I submit recent attendance numbers of the Houston Astros and the Miami Marlins as evidence. 

Finally, truth be told, the Angels don't have a viable replacement at 3B (or 2B). This idea that Lucho is a viable replacement is far-fetched. His OPS+ was 72 PAs this year. Scouts have never been sold on Lucho, at 25 his upside is limited. He's a fringe-role player at best.

1 year, 10 months ago on Trade Candidate: Howie Kendrick


Who says Iannetta is "lacking defensively?" If anything he is a bit better than replacement level with a dWAR of .5 last year and 1.6 the year before.


And research has been done into how much a batting order matters and its been determined that even the worst lineup (pitcher batting cleanup) would only make a 5-15 run difference over the course of an entire season.


That being said, I can see Scioscia's logic. Iannetta has had a good OBP in his career. If he gets on it allows P-Bo (or the pitcher) to bunt him over to second.

2 years ago on Why do Angel catchers always hit 8th?


Hilarious! And strange. Would be even funnier if he ended up being a stellar bullpen pitcher in the bigs.

2 years, 1 month ago on Angels acquire prospect from Phillies for literally nothing


Points made here:


Mike Scioscia eats Italian food.


He manages a team with a lot of good players and therefore he must get to the playoffs or he is fired.


A team's success is largely based on a manager.


The author is really excited for the team to make the post-season...even though that excitement is based on Mike Scioscia getting fired if they don't. Hrm.


Boston and NY will gladly accept him if he gets fired because apparently these teams are unhappy with Girardi and John Farrell who just got hired...?


I'm confused. (insert pensive Scioscia face)

2 years, 1 month ago on An open letter to Mike Scioscia


Interesting about Fangraphs top 15. I feel like the Angels farm system is so bad right now that these guys are struggling to fill out the lists and are just tossing names in. I guess that's a bit unfair but it's rare to see such variation on organizations with a lot of talent.

2 years, 3 months ago on Halo Headlines: Williams avoid arbitration, Wilson '0% concerned' about being ready for training camp


That's awesome about the new analytical evaluation system. I wonder if that's DiPoto's doing...

2 years, 8 months ago on Halo Headlines: Angels hold closed door meeting after loss, Geltz called up, Walden and Downs progress in rehab | August


Haha...this is fun but how generous you are of Pujols. Above K-Mo??! Is Morales struggling against lefties or is just a small sample size (14 PAs)? Plus, he was key in getting us that one win in Tejas. I think some more configuring needs to be done.



2 years, 11 months ago on Angels Player Power Rankings - Week 6 | May


 @mjlloyd You think he's overrated defensively? Any stats or analysis to support that? I am all ears but everything I've read, and the gold piece that currently sits on his mantle, says he's a solid defensive shortstop. Not to mention he's been in the Top 5 for Fielding percentage 2 out of the last 3 years. 


But okay, lets say hes overrated defensively. He still has put up a significant +WAR over the last 4 years and proved he can swipe 25-30 bases a season. He's 28, so at the peak of his career. Why not sign him for another 4-5. You are going to roll the dice on a AA player to replace him in a farm system that is already pretty thin?


I think not.

3 years ago on Let's Go Prospecting: Jean Segura


While Segura has significant upside, I think he still needs to prove himself at higher levels. The pitcher-friendly confines of the Texas League will be a good challenge for Segura. Let's hope he can stay healthy.


I would disagree with DiPoto not having to get into a bidding war with Aybar if Segura has a good season, though. Aybar is one of the better defensive shortstops in the league and has a bat to boot. Right now, he is the proven talent and Segura is not major league ready. Additionally, if DiPoto has shown anything in his first off-season with the Halos, is his concern with depth. Why not try to keep both at this point? Especially with Izturis contract up next year (who most likely will not get re-signed...injuries, entering his 30s, Amarista nipping at his heels)a nd Collapso's up the year after that.

If Segura stays consistent and healthy there will be room for him.

3 years ago on Let's Go Prospecting: Jean Segura


He didn't look good today against the Cubs. That is for sure. Nevertheless, in typical Scioscia-fashion, due to Izzy #2 experience, he's on the roster. Of course, we will root for JI! Especially since our bullpen is probably the one area of the 2012 Halos that is lacking certainty and depth. So many question-marks that are unpredictable out there.

3 years ago on Root For Jason Isringhausen


HRs are so much better when someone is on-base. Collapso led the Angels in OBP last year and is a far superior defender than Trumbo. At this point, it seems almost silly to try and force Trumbo to play 3B on a regular basis when really, you got a pretty good player in Collapso, especially when taking into consideration things like OBP, Defense and WAR. Trumbo will likely find his ABs at the beginning of the year in the DH role and against lefties. There's definitely a logjam at some positions but in the end, that logjam just makes our bench all that much more deep, potent and versatile.

3 years ago on Can Mark Trumbo Make It Work At Third?