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We have alot of the same kind of gobbly-gook in the financial services, Brett.  It's maddening and you are exactly right:  nothing can be done.  Except for one thing:  educate your clients that often vendors will do things that make you look incompetent. Airlines today are in a mode of "whatever" it seems.  The only positive for the buyer is that if you don't like the first answer, hang up and call again, you'll get the answer you want eventually.  Is this any way to run a business???   


In the case of the $400 charge after you were instructed to process the refund, the client should offer to pay it and you should split it evenly with him.  But if he is unaware that the airline jerked you around, it's probably too late.  Maddening!!

2 years, 8 months ago on In the Trenches: When Your Vendors Make Business Difficult


Yup, it's the cost of doing business.  There aren't that many dispicable crooks out there, but they do exist.  Important not to alter your business plan based on the behaviour of a small percentage of the population.  What you might want to do is farm your guarantee language out to a few law students around the country and offer a prize to whomever comes up with the best changes to avoid this kind of thing in the future.  Or to help avoid it, it's impossible to eradicate these kinds of clients.

3 years ago on In the Trenches: Our Money Back Guarantee