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2 years, 5 months ago on The OS is the new browser — apps are the tabs


Patents is the first thing. But "forget about hardware"? Nope. With Motorola acquisition Google - as Apple- is in control of all experience: Hardware and Software at the mobility space and beyond. The main reason is because Google hire and of the must talented woman in Technology: Dr. Regina Dugan the former DARPA Director. Her profile at Googlerola is by far impressive: "Regina Dugan serves as senior vice president at Motorola Mobility, where her charge is to build and lead the Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group. Skunkworks-inspired. Optimized for speed. Small, lean, resourced. With agility, freedom from bureaucratic constraints, and a willingness to embrace risk as core attributes. The group will be focused on harnessing best-in-class, interdisciplinary talent from inside and outside the company, as well as technological developments from whatever the source. The goal is to translate such advances into visionary products that surprise users and appear exquisite, magical, simple." it's a kind of mini-DARPA inside Google. In the future Google will lead in mobility and related areas. No doubt about that.

2 years, 5 months ago on Google’s John Lagerling: Forget about hardware, we bought Motorola Mobility for the patents


For me, Silicon Valley is a kind of The New Florence, but renormalizated. Lorenzo The Magnifecent favoring the emergence of The Renaissance, something similar happens there.

2 years, 11 months ago on What Is Silicon Valley?


Just few words: I am totally agree.

2 years, 11 months ago on Facebook, You’ve Got a Friend: Matt Mullenweg Thinks You Own the Future of Advertising


Just nice. Apache Software Foundation, for example, exist because, "We call this basic principle "meritocracy": literally, government by merit" for example. And the Web is an example of digital Darwinism in a more controlled fashion [ "The concept of a meritocracy has long been equated with social Darwinism: Survival of the fittest expanded from the biological sphere to the sociological one."] Wikipedia, was designed with strictly no moderation. In the beginning the pornography, publicity and bad concepts. With more self-regulation mechanisms today is one example of the merit. Google Rank Algorithm [ in the very beginning] has trying to build a kind of "meritocratic search engine" and succeed. The tendency today [by Google   ] is trying to trying to build a better integration, " a place to stay". But simplicity always prevails. The evolution evolute too. This is the Era of The Emergence. And one thing that I like of Pando Daily is the inspirational metaphor of the Pando by itself as a organism. Silicon Valley INMHO is the New Firenze.  

3 years ago on The Web Isn’t a Democracy, It’s a Meritocracy


Nice list. If  @aschwab7  is trying  to  entourage PandoList as big as possible may be she need some kind of mixture between livefyre with RIFF from Sam King ;) As the 2nd greatest CEO of this times said [ accordingly @forbes . Every body knows who is the first] "The world needs 100 crazy and young minds to change the world" 

3 years ago on Top 5 Stanford CS Students You Should Know