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Quick note, Game 6 isn't in Miami.

2 years, 10 months ago on NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs. OKC Thunder


I would really like to see him play with a good offensive 4, like Greg Monroe or Demarcus Cousins. Those could be a devastating front court on both ends of the floor.

3 years ago on What kind of pro will Anthony Davis be?


Yeah, if they end up facing the Nuggets or Rockets in the first round, having that smaller lineup in will help on the defensive end. Both of those teams can go pretty small and quick, and it has caused problems when the Thunder have two bigs in the game. I'm not really expecting Harden to get most of his production when he has someone like Wilson Chandler guarding him, he'll have to do it when playing with the ball.

3 years ago on Game Grades: Thunder vs. Lakers


He also tends to bite on pump fakes a lot, that's why Al Harrington was able to do well against the Thunder. Similarly against the Rockets, when a team goes small, and he has to go out and guard a wing, like Chandler Parsons, he isn't polished in that area of the game. If he gets a smart defensive coach, and a little more time, he can be an All-Defense type of player, but he isn't there yet.

3 years ago on Thunder continue strong play, get fourth straight win in Portland 109-95