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"Holocaust 2.0" is as vulgar an expression as you can imagine -- and I'm not surprised it comes from this particular hipster journo

This story of the leaflets indeed seemed to be the kind of provocation we've seen a lot of from Russian intelligence in this war. The story also got exaggerated and garbled in the telling. Here's our research on it:

The group controlling the area -- the "Donetsk People's Republic" controls only a building, basically, and even they disavowed the claims of a flyer that "Jews must register" and said their organization had nothing to do with it. No Jews were made to register and the entire registry location was a fake.

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't be vigilant about watching this conflict as all minorities are in danger. Keep in mind that the theme of antisemitism is manipulated by Putin to justify Russian invasion.

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Another hit job on the Russian opposition -- appalling. And this time, disguised as a supposed "thoughful" recognition of the Russian information war. In fact, Rothrock only eagerly participates in it.

The US didn't "bungle" any timing -- they had long studied sanctions and released the news of them appropriately in response to Putin's forcible annexation of the Crimea. What is Rothrock suggesting, that the State Department should call Russian opposition leaders and time their statements with them?! As former Amb. McFaul aptly pointed out, he only met Navalny briefly once in his entire tenure in Moscow and of course the US doesn't support the Russian opposition. If anything, they've undercut it when the opposition supported the Magnitsky List and the Obama Administration opposed it during the reset.

The US -- as Rothrock mischieviously implies -- didn't "get the idea" from Navalny of whom to apply sanctions against -- they are the obvious oligarchs who serve as Putin's bankers. Navalny has long been at work at this; so has the US; so has EU; so has everybody interested in trying to expose the support of Putinism.

This coincidence that Rothrock lavishes so much loving attention on isn't the issue of "resonance" he imagines inside Russia -- Navalny haters have plenty of reasons to dislike him unrelated to this, and the Putin regime and its sympathizers called him a fifth columnist long before this. It's nothing.

Yet Rothrock seizes on it in a cunning slur here.

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Well, the problem is that Russia doesn't have Havels or Dubceks or Mlynarzs...It's not exactly going to go as you think. Revolution is overrated.

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