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I think trading down to gain an additional 2 or a 3 would be ideal.  I believe Kony Ealy or Hageman will be available to us if we do so.  Then draft in this order: DL, RB, WR, CB, OT, K.

I agree about not drafting a QB.  We can have Whitehurst be that stop gap for a year, like you said, then draft one next year. 

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Cut CJ, keep Wimbley and see how he performs at OLB. A huge get for us would be Karlos Dansby. If we can get him in the middle, place McCarthy beside him, with Fokou as backup. Draft the DT from Pitt, Aaron Donald. Slide Klug out to DE. Verner leaves: plug in Sensabaugh or BWW. Sign a veteran CB for 1 year. Now that would be a formidable defense in my opinion.

On offense, draft a OT in round 2, RB in Rd 4, QB in round 5.

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I too, don't understand the Mariani deal??  Should've cut Walter (worse injury) and put Mariani on the shorter IR. Very puzzling.  I hope that we're able to snag a FS somehow.  I'm okay with keeping Stafford, for special teams, but that gives us 3 Strong safetys and 1 free safety. 

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QB - Locker, Fitz, Smith

RB - CJ, Greene, Battle

Battle was a great addition. Can play FB if needed. Hence no FB on roster.

WR - Britt, Washington, Wright, Hunter, Preston, Mariani, Williams

No Walter - back procedures are hard to return from. Think about a shorter route having to "break down" into your cuts.  Lot of pressure on your back for that.

TE - Walker, Stevens, Thompson

Walker can also play FB on certain plays. Hence again, no FB on roster. Jack Doyle is someone to watch as well.  Could try to sneak him onto the practice squad but I think he'd get claimed by another team possibly.

OL - Roos, Stewart, Levitre, Velasco, Schweinke, Warmack, Otto, Turner, Richardson

Not sure on Richardson.  Just a guess.  I just know they need 2 reserve swing tackles.

DL - Wimberly, Potoitua, Morgan, Casey, Martin, Edwards, Hill, Johnson

Difficult choosing Klug/Johnson.   Think having Ayers rush more eliminates the need for an extra DE. Need the extra bulk from Johnson on the inside.

LB - Ayers, McCarthy, Foiku, Brown, Gooden, Shaw, Jones, Solomon

Looks like I'm only one to put Solomon on here.  I think he'll benefit from going to LB on run downs. Can put him on the line as a DE too. Could be a good ST player.

CB - McCourty, Verner, Wreh-Wilson, Campbell, Sensabaugh

Think Wooten gets added to practice squad

S - Wilson, Pollard, Griffin, Alfalava

Don't think Robert Johnson is going to return from injury in time. 2nd  FS may not be on the roster right now. Alfalava is great against the run. We NEED someone who can cover the deep ball!

ST - Bironas, Kern, Brinkley

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Kevin Walter = cheaper than Lavelle Hawkins; OLs Spencer and Turner = cheaper than Leroy Harris and Eugene Amano (assuming he gets cut).  For those reasons, i really like these moves. 

The OL moves insure that, if for some reason, Warmack and Cooper are gone, they're "covered."  Don't foresee that happening, but fulfills the "just-in-case" scenario.

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Very nice touch, adding these screenshots.  I try to compare the 3 RBs who got big contracts: DeAngelo Williams, CJ, and Arian Foster.  DeAngelo and CJ are in identical situations with their teams.  Young QBs who need a big running game, yet aren't producing.  This will be the last year for both with their respective teams if they don't produce this year.  Foster, on the other hand, has great vision.  It's my belief he would've seen those holes CJ didn't.  That seems to be the main difference in these 3 backs: vision.

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I went to the practice this past Thursday, with a special interest in noticing Thompson.  First of all, like everyone says, he passes the eyeball test.  Tall, muscular dude.  Your assessment of "modest expectations" this year I agree with.  You can tell he's learning the position.  I feel like he'll take this year to learn the position, then next year could really reward the Titans for drafting him. 

Watching Cookie was encouraging in practice also.  He seems to be taking more of a vocal leadership role.  In the past he just seemed to be very passive to everything, not really caring if he was involved in the offense or not.  Now, he seems to be more assertive and aggressive.  It seems that he desires to become more of an all-around TE.  Obviously, that will cause him to be more of an asset to a team (in his contract year).  So the motivation is there for Cook to take a big step forward this year.

Stevens is what we know him as.  Nothing super great, just reliable and steady.  Great blocker, and can feel confident throwing him a few here and there.

Overall, I think we've got a good group.  I just hope Cook stays healthy because I feel Thompson definitely will need time to grow into this new position.

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 @dragak1981 It seems like an interview I heard on Sirius NFL Radio.  But why not have that strategy? Why only focus on beating the guys in your division? You try to beat everyone on your schedule and NE is the toughest opponent. 

Also, look at the standard NE has set with the 2 TE set.  Colts are trying to follow suit with their draft picks of Fleener and Dwayne Allen.  Sure they're good sure targets for Luck, but more and more teams will convert to this offensive attack.

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One of the key things that Munchak said during OTAs was something like "we want to build a team to beat our 1st opponent: New England."  So who on last year's team could cover a Gronkowski?  Anyone? Anyone?  Zach Brown fits that bill for pass coverage.  The Titans are planning a more explosive offense.  So combine that with a pass-happier league and more elite TEs.  That makes it a must to have a LB that can cover. They didn't draft him to tackle RBs.  They drafted him to cover TEs and rush the passer.


Nothing was written on Taylor Thompson for obvious reasons, but he seems to be the most intriguing prospect to a lot of people/columnists.  I don't expect much out of him this year except on special teams and we've got the blocking Stevens and rising pass-catcher Cook. 


Nothing on Scott Solomon either.  I see him being "the next Dave Ball."  Good, solid contributor that makes the team; but nothing outstanding.  Will like his hustle and effort.  But gotta have the quickness and speed at DE, which he doesn't have.


Huge expectations for Wright by next year.  Comparison I've heard that I agree with, is Steve Smith of the Panthers.  I'll take it!


I've always liked Mike Martin. When the 3rd Rd started, I thought "man, I wish Mike Martin would be there for us."  I was super-pumped when we got him.  He's just relentless, and a OL nightmare.  OL may get him in the first half, but he just keeps coming back for more, and by the 4th Quarter he's wearing you out and making key stops.


Someone else not in this draft class, but I like to see "1st year playing time" is Robert Johnson. Could be a surprise this year. Really liked him at Utah.


Could write more, but probably boring you by now. Go Titans!




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Earlier on I thought the Vlachos signing at center could spell trouble for Amano.  But apparently he looks a little "rotund." However, what does future HOF Jeff Saturday look like?

Also anxious to see how DaJohn Harris plays out. Clayton or Hill out for him?

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A GREAT pick!  I loved watching this guy in college.  He always stood out to me with how well he's always in on the play.  Very hard-nosed dude.  A solid addition.  Adding his motor to Klug's and Casey's ability is a huge plus.  Now we need to get a DE!  Cam Johnson comes to mind.  If he's not available, hopefully Ben Jones will be available at Center.


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I would've really liked to have seen them draft Vinnie Curry instead of Brown.  Curry would have an immediate opportunity to play.  Not sure if Brown does outside of special teams, which is too high for a 2nd rd pick.

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I agree with Scott P. on the pursuit of Wells and Myers.  I thought either would've been excellent.  Especially Myers, since it would be a hit against Houston as well.  I'm glad we didn't pay Abraham because he's getting old.  We need to go DE, DE, S, C in rounds 1-4 in my opinion.  A better pass rush helps make DBs better.  Griffin will be gone after this year and we need someone this year to learn and start in 2013.

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