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Somehow the page shows weird characters all over the text. There are characters such as Euro character, diphthongs a with circumflex accent... if the characters will render when you view this post they look like this:




Perhaps is on my end but that makes it difficult to read and even more so to have the computer read it out loud via vocal synthesis.


My guess is that the post was written in a program such as MS Word or similar and there were some characters such as smart quotes, apostrophes, and possibly other "hidden characters" (such as tabs and similar) that weren't visible at the time of a copy-pasting the article into the text field of the publishing interface of this site. I checked across Google Chrome, Safari and firefox on Mac OS and it all exhibit the same issue. I'd suggest to check the document for problems after publishing. Usually this cleanup is automatically done by the publishing UI, but it may depend on the platform and setting used to publish these articles.


On a less technical note, you just gained one reader/viewer... finally I found more who share the same love of the Constitution I have.


3 years ago on Against All Enemies