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There's been lots of cases of hot, hot blazes that, at least temporarily, come down to smoke and ash.  Gordon Beckham comes immediately to mind.  He was an overhyped can't miss guy, but you can still see the smoke from the desert where he crashed and burned in a lonely spot.  And then there's Jay Bruce that came up with both pistols blazing in his initial callup.  Fantasy baseballers were jumping all over him as the next major stud, but leaped off the sinking USS Bruce like rats when he couldn't adjust back to what the pitchers were doing.  Now, of course after a few years of MLB experience, he's a very good player if not a mapor star. 


I got Lawrie in the 7th round, and maybe he's going to follow the Pujols path to greatness in his first year, but if not, and he looks more like an over-hyped Danny Valencia that a Pujols, I'll find myself looking at the draft sheet to see who I could have had in his place.  I hope he's closer to the raves than the pans since that only helps my team.  I do have Longoria, warts and all, to fall back on.

3 years ago on Brett Lawrie, I'm Sorry | Baseball


Looks like the Pineda selection at #18 may be over optimistic.  NY (NY Post)announced today that the # 4 slot is going to Freddie Garcia leaving Pineda to fight it out with Nova for # 5.  Lots of reports have Pineda starting out in the minors making the # 18 rating more than a little over-blown.  Then when Pettitte arrives on the scene in May, will Nova and Garcia have already self-destructed leaving the #5 spot open for Pineda?  He'd better get his heater juice back up quickly to 97 to avoid descending into relative fantasy irrelevance.

3 years, 1 month ago on Starting Pitcher Rankings (1-20) | Baseball


I got Lawrie in our 7th draft round.  I don't think he's going to be a major star this year.  I have Longoria as my I3 and Lawrie as CI.  I'm looking for may 18 - 20 HRs and maybe 70 RBIs.  I'm thinking he's probably going to be a big star in maybe 2014.  He's young and probably does not have the experience he needs to adjust back to the pitchers as they develop ways to get him out.

3 years, 1 month ago on Brett Lawrie, I'm Sorry | Baseball