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I haven't set foot in a bookseller since a clerk in DC told me they "didn't stock books like that" when I tried to buy a Harry Potter book for my kid, and then proceeded to lecture me on what "real books" I should introduce him to instead.  Thanks but no thanks.  The Kindle experience is superior in every way.

1 year, 5 months ago on Amazon Source isn’t a white flag for independent booksellers, it’s a linen-wrapped time bomb


The Kindle Owner's Lending Library has 4X the titles that Oyster does, and it's available on a device designed for reading books. 

1 year, 7 months ago on The Netflix for books is here, it’s mobile, and it makes Amazon look old


Throwaway words on the internet are more important than books? What a sad life.

1 year, 7 months ago on Is the Kindle really the only e-reader that matters?


The day the celebrities showed up on Twitter was the day Twitter started transitioning to a broadcast medium rather than a tool for multi-directional communication.  Twitter is a demonstrably lesser service for the average user than it was before the celebrities arrived.

1 year, 9 months ago on Stop your bitching: Why we should welcome celebrities to Kickstarter, Twitter and any other digital platform


Seriously? You're defending a cartel that exists only to artificially protect existing market entrants by restricting supply? Yes, Über almost certainly violates arcane rules in every market it enters. A better question would be why those rules exist in the first place.

2 years, 6 months ago on Who’s the real bully, Uber or New York?


Except that "the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience" is awful. They tried to make it not awful by buying Tweetie, only to let that asset stagnate and die. When Twitter makes a client as good as the third-party clients, then they can lock down the API. Id rather not use Twitter at all than use it without Tweetbot.

2 years, 9 months ago on In Defense of Twitter


I was with you until the very end.  I funded this specifically because it has an e-paper, rather than a retina, display.  A watch-sized LCD with a watch-sized battery would undoubtedly look great.  It would also have a battery life measured in minutes rather than days.


And to all the people referring to the Nano, please use your brains.  The Nano is a terrible, terrible watch.  The Pebble might be a terrible watch, too, but it looks great and there's no reason to think it will be subpar.

3 years ago on Screw TVs — Why Isn’t Apple Building A Smartwatch?


Funny, nobody much minded a monopolistic seller refusing to allow the content producers to set their own prices when it was 99 cent music downloads.

3 years ago on The Book Publishers Caused This Lawsuit, But They Didn’t Need To


 @KenG Publishers, meaning all the people who handle the words created by the author from the time they come out of the quill/pen/computer until the finished product is produced and distributed, are no less necessary for ebooks than they are for traditional bound paper tomes.  Read any self-published Kindle title and it's obvious.


The problem publishers are facing (it seems to me as a more or less disinterested outsider) is that they've hitched their wagons to a model that relies on massively overpriced hardcovers from cash cow authors to subsidize everything else.  Amazon pinches this model from both ends.  Deep discounts, and the expectation of deep discounts, drive pricing expectations down at the high end even for people who prefer traditional books.  Cheap ebooks kill the artificial scarcity model that makes $30 hardcovers possible in the first place.  At the other end, Amazon's publishing endeavors poach cash cow authors from the publishers, decreasing the pot of money available to prop up the rest of the business.

3 years ago on DOJ Gives Amazon the OK To Kill Publishers With Hammers, or So You’d Think


The web still isn't a meritocracy, it's a lottery with somewhat improved odds of winning.  For every writer that's found an audience who would have failed to get past the media gatekeepers, there are untold numbers of superior writers who are toiling in obscurity because nobody has found them.  In a very real sense we still have gatekeepers, they're just the A-list bloggers instead of the media conglomerates.

3 years ago on The Web Isn’t a Democracy, It’s a Meritocracy