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"Notch" seems like such a tough word to take over at this point. Markus Persson (founder of Mojang and creator of Minecraft) more or less owns it as his pseudonym, and an established personal brand is waaaaay hard to out-gun. With a zillion tweets and countless gaming forums talking about Notch/Minecraft (as in the person) 'round the clock, it's going to be tough to get any sort of relevance with that branding.


Ah well — all part of the experiment, I suppose.

2 years, 11 months ago on Notch Launches to Make Healthy Living (and Data Nerds) Sexy


 @ScribeFan HAHAHAHA. Oh man, that actually just made me laugh out loud. They'd be the prettiest protest signs the world has ever seen.

2 years, 12 months ago on Etsy’s Growing Pains: 3300+ Etsy Sellers Rally to Protest the Site’s Policing Process


 @chris_esq Both have their merits, but I'd tentatively take the Pebble over this for a few reasons:


- iPhone compatibility. It's unfortunate that a few features aren't compatible (like SMS), but iPhone compatibility is hugely important to this thing succeeding in the market. Because iPhone users are largely using identical phones (save for those still using past generations), iPhone/iPad users seem to be REALLY good at spreading the word about accessories. Sony's watch seems to be Android only.

- E-paper screen means it's black and white, but it also means an estimated 7 days of battery over Sony's 2 days. Most of the things I'd want to use the watch for (namely, at-a-glance alerts) don't require color.


(Oh, and I greatly prefer the Pebble's proposed design, but that's a matter of personal preference).


Don't get me wrong: I'm quite excited about Sony's entry, as well. I'm just a bit more excited about the potential of the Pebble.


3 years ago on Kickstarter Gets Yet Another $1M Project: The Pebble, An iPhone-Friendly Smartwatch


 @Web2Asia First to be headquartered in the Valley, not first in the world :) Chinaccelerator operates mainly out of Liaoning, Innospring operates out of Santa Clara.

3 years ago on InnoSpring, The Valley’s First US-China Tech Incubator, Opens Its Doors And Launches A Seed Fund


I've met 3 of these people, and 3 of 3 have been tremendously helpful or otherwise rad in some way. Great list, Amanda.

3 years ago on Pandolist: Top 5 Tech Marketers


"I guess I've come to believe that there's always time to meet up with someone, regardless of workload."


Fine words, Wendy Mu.

3 years ago on Top 5 Stanford CS Students You Should Know


Also worth noting that comment counts on posts are a bit borked at the moment, so most will pretend to have zero comments when they've actually got a few.

3 years ago on Pando’s New Commenting System: Because We Hate You