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We have become a Godless nation.  When this was penned by this founding father of our government, these were righteous men who stood for something.  Today we have bread generations upon generations of Americans who stand for themselves, and don't care to look out for the other guy.  We put into power liers and thieves, and when they are caught, we no longer demand justice be served.  We as a nation make up excuses for these so called leaders, and complain to one another, but remain silent to to the law keepers.  I say silence is not golden, its, YELLOW.  Dare I say it cowardness.  I assure you, you can fight city hall, and must if you want to save our republic, and keep our constitution in tack, and not frame it as an artifact.  We need to wake up and stand firm.  Less than 2% beat the British, and there are a lot more of us, then there are of them.  We just need to stand together.  I love my country, but do realize,  "my people parish for a lack of knowledge"  We have to hold their feet to the fire, and keep them there.


By the way are you aware on 3/12/12 articles of impeachment we brought before the house, by Rep. Walter B. Jones, R-NC.  Its Resolution #107, in violation of Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11.  This was in response to Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta, testifying befor the Armed Services Committee, that all they would need to invade, or bomb Syria is an "authorization from the United Nations or NATO".  Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-AL  was as he put it "well I'm almost breathless about that."  Please look into this no one is talking about this.

3 years, 1 month ago on James Madison and the Gathering Storm Prophecy