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I've been on board for a long time with the notion of not drafting an RB in Round 1, Andy, for many of the same reasons you've listed. For the most part, I think if you build a great O Line, you can plug a lot of guys in at RB and you'd have success. But Greg Cosell recently wrote a piece for the NFL Films Blog that has me questioning the wisdom of writing off Rd 1 RBs as a rule. I really recommend giving it a read. He's as good as it gets when it comes to evaluating prospects and breaking down game tape. I've pasted the link below:



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 @ultimatenyg  @GMen75 My problem with your criticism of the JPP pick wasn't that you disagreed with the selection. As fans, we all do that. It's the degree to which you lambasted Reese for his decision making. Now I know you called the pick feast or famine, but you wrote a later piece titled, "70% of Parents think their Child is Above Average" in which you extolled the virtues of Bill Polian in comparison to Reese. You said Reese was no Bill Polian, and marveled at how Polian sat back, let Reese take JPP at 15, then plucked Jerry Hughes at the end of Round 1, as if it was a foregone conclusion that Hughes would be some sort of stud. How is that looking today? Here's how it's looking:


In December, before Polian was fired for putting together a team that had been completely atrophying for the past 5-6 years, he admitted that drafting Hughes was a mistake. The guy has been a total bust. And when Manning went down, we all found out how devoid of talent the Colts actually were. It's easy to look like a genius when you have Peyton Manning. 


Let's look at another player all the experts on this site were clamoring for: Rolando McClain. He was universally loved by you, Wonder, Pete, etc. I think Pete had him in his top 3 players overall in the draft. In other words, a no-brainer, FEAST player. How has that worked out? Not so well for Oakland. The guy took a major step back last year on the field, got arrested off of it, and, some say, was directly responsible for that team imploding. Yet many of you deemed him as close to a sure thing as was in that draft.


The point is, there is no such thing as a sure thing. All of these guys are feast or famine. All of them. So while I enjoy all the work that is done for the draft, and I enjoy reading the speculative content, I understand it's really a total crapshoot, and somewhat resent the lack of respect that is given to Reese, Coughlin, and the rest of the staff that's putting in the countless hours evaluating these guys. They've had success, for god's sake! They've got 2 rings to show for all their hard work. Do I wish they'd draft a linebacker in the first round one of these years, or a dominant offensive tackle? Sure. But it's either not their philosophy, or they've liked other players more when their turn has come up, and they don't believe in drafting for need. And in that respect, I support them. I feel you should always, always, always take the best player on the board, no matter what position he plays. And I will say that it's not just the Giants that believe linebacker is a devalued position in the NFL. I've heard a lot of different people associated with the NFL talk about how because most linebackers are only on the field 2 downs, they're just not as valuable as they used to be. But pass rushers are always valuable. And it may be the single reason that a team like the Giants that often doesn't get their shit together until late in the year, always has a chance in the tournament. Because when everything is clicking, and their getting to the QB, they are tough to beat. So the next time Reese and co. make a pick you don't agree with, I think it's only fair to give it a little time before we skewer them or compare them unfavorably to some other supposed "genius" like Polian. I think they've earned it.  

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Andy, I agree that it's good to have different voices expressing different opinions, but Pete's posts come across as desperate and from a place of anger and resentment. There's no insight there. His posts are just sour grapes, and display a refusal to adapt and/or evolve based on current data (i.e. 2 Superbowl wins in 4 seasons). Isn't that what you constantly knock the Giants coaching staff for? A refusal to admit mistakes and promptly make moves to address those mistakes? I'm guessing it's probably a sensitive issue because Pete is your cousin, but in my opinion, and you can obviously take that or leave it, he does not add anything to the discourse. He's just using the blog as a way to vent his frustrations. And by sanctioning him to do that, you are, in effect, promoting it. It's hurting your product. As a reader of your blog, I want more posts from you (many more), less from everyone else, and none from Pete. Just one man's (blunt) opinion. 

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So 2 Superbowls later and you're still hammering Coughlin? It's about time you gave it a rest and gave the guy his due. He's climbed the mountain twice in five years and that's more than almost any coach in the history of the game has accomplished. I've been waiting to see the apology letter from someone on this blog for all the hatred that has been spewed his way, but I'm guessing if it hasn't happened by now that it will never happen. Just a complete refusal to admit you were all wrong I guess. How many would it take, Pete? 3? 4? 6 rings? And to say they are not a good team is absolute hogwash. You don't go through the teams they went through if you're not a good team. It doesn't matter how you start. It matters how you finish. That's not just football it's life. They played one of the most difficult schedules in the league last year and they were decimated by injuries. I could show you articles to counteract your Cold Hard Football Facts articles if you like that basically speak to the historic level of injuries they were forced to deal with. The bottom line is that Tom Coughlin is a great coach, a great man (which isn't spoken about enough in my opinion), and the Giants ownership happened to have the good sense to keep him around despite all the calls for his head that have been coming for years from people like you. It's time to give it a rest. You were wrong. Accept it. And as far as your "ratings" go in regards to James Brewer - I remember how JPP was rated on this blog. The pick was killed by all the "experts" from Andy on down. How did that turn out? We don't even make the damn playoffs without JPP. Just for once, I'd like someone who writes for this blog to admit that there's a possibility they don't know more than people like Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin who have dedicated their entire lives to the game and have gotten to the top not once but twice now, AND COUNTING. 

3 years, 1 month ago on Giant Outliers | March