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P. Tyler,


The corruption in government, both Federal, and in the state in which I live is like a rapidly spreading cancer and I therefore see little or no opportunity to overturn it without the drastic measures necessary to irradicate cancer.    I would certainly be willing to volunteerr to help  rid  our country of the enemies within.  However, with the power,  might, control and resources available to them  we are surely at an insurmountable disadvantage.  And every day we lose more ground and the reality of recovering America's freedom becomes less likely.  Those states who have  enough elected officials in adequately influencial positions  who are willing and able to take measures to stand strong against the socialization of America and cleanse it's governing system of the evil doers within and  put measures in place to protect the system from future seige are our only hope.  Forming a new union, run like a true business,  our representatives being under written enforceable contracts, subjecting them to dismissal for violation thereof would be a huge step in the right direction, 

3 years ago on Are We Out of Options?