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Great post, but remember, the subject matter in "Confessions (part 1 & 2)" weren't about Usher, they were songs inspired by Jermaine Dupri's personal life. Chilli only said what she said in those interviews about Usher's alleged cheating because she had heard the music like we did and almost believed it. She's admitted sense that her and Usher were still together after that whole debacle, and actually wouldn't mind getting back with him if the time permitted and they were on the same page, they are still good friends to this day.

1 year, 1 month ago on Retrospective: The Legacy of Usher’s Diamond-Selling ‘Confessions’ Album, 10 Years Later


I just caught on to them, they are awesome!!!!!

1 year, 2 months ago on Video: Amor Kismet – Don’t Know What To Say


This has got to be the GREEDIEST thing I've ever seen in my life. Using someone's legacy for a payout. Like seriously, that's evil and cold-blooded.

1 year, 3 months ago on Beyoncé Asked to Donate “XO” Proceeds to Challenger Learning Center


@missphenom @LisaJackson2  Well, what is Pop? Even thought MJ's Thriller is considered the greatest Pop album known to man, but it's sound would be identified as R&B/Soul (unless you believe otherwise). Can you honestly say that upon listening to every song on 'The 20/20 Experience, Part 1' or 'Beyonce' that none of the song are R&B/Soul?

I remember Bryan-Micheal Cox saying in an interview that Pop music isn't necessarily a genre of music, but a genre that is popular at the moment. Notice all the top top Pop albums over the years and see if you can't seperate them accordingly/ They all don't sound the same, or don't have an identifying sound.

sidenote: Frank Ocean tried to list "Channel Orange" under Bluegrass (but we all know that it's not bluegrass)

1 year, 3 months ago on List: The 13 Best R&B Albums of 2013


Like, the last 5 minutes of this conversation went totally left field. TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year, 5 months ago on August Alsina Interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’


i wouldn't compare his sound to JT, but moreso Usher. His falsetto is very much like Usher's, and that's a good thing. The good thing is that the songs he's put out to promote his projects have stood out on their own without a JT comparison. People compare the latest white R&B artist to JT like every white guy sounds like him, that's so annoying.

1 year, 7 months ago on New Music: Travis Garland – ‘Travis Garland’ (Full Album Stream)


 @ShimShimmer I 2nd Rochelle Jordan, her latest effort PRESSURE is just incredible. And Tinashe is a force to be reckoned with right now, I'm excited for her debut. And let's not forget Chris Turner and Lolah Brown.


I dig this list. And you are right, there are so many more incredible talents that 13 isn't really enough. One only needs to visit the indy section at Livemixtapes and etc. to find them. That's how I found out about Elijah Blake and Rocki Evans (CharlieRED).

2 years, 3 months ago on List: 13 New R&B Artists To Watch in 2013


This isn't a bad list, but it's not a great list. I would have had some honorable mentions like Rochelle Jordan's - PRESSURE (as a matter of fact, I would have chosen her over K. Michelle). I'm shocked you didn't mention Tinashe's REVERIE.

2 years, 3 months ago on ThisisRnB’s List: Top 12 R&B Mixtapes & EP’s of 2012


 @jlh426  @DonaldTai And heres the thing, i commend this author for bringing to light what Trayvon looked like to Zimmerman (Although STILL not an excuse to pre-judge someone, when I was making C's in my 8th grade class, there was a kid in the same class making A's and B's but he had gold teeth and tattoos, so his image had nothing to do with it.). I'm always happy when I don't have to believe the hype that the media likes to somewhat 'force feed' us.

3 years ago on Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?


I do agree with you to an extent. In general, the media has always generalized their portrayals of victims as purely innocent people who could have done no wrong. The missing people that are covered on such networks as CNN and HLN are regarded as such in most cases even though said victims didn't necessarily have a good rep when they were alive. This is nothing new of course, I think we all have gotten used to the mainstream media's romanticism in regards to specific tragedies.


This is where I disagree with you, albeit I am black and I don't have tattoos (even though I wouldn't mind getting one) or own gold teeth (even though I had a liking to them when I was a teen, I'm Zimmerman's age as well) of any kind and I come from an upper middle class upbringing, who I know or associate with doesn't necessarily make me a full on criminal even though you are going off of the obvious theory with your evidence that it's 'guily by association.' There are alot of people like me who have friends who have backgrounds that are not the same as theirs (and for the record my Twitter is @thesouthizback, I MUST BE A HOODLUM as you say). I had/have friends and close family like Trayvon's who are either on drugs, or selling drugs (and we're not talking marijuana, we're talking CRACK ROCK. and let's not forget that In this country you have states where marijuana is LEGAL whether you like it or not, but thats besides the point!!!.). Smoking weed is not a pastime only regarded to a certain race of people, you mean to tell me that weed was only meant for black people??? I guarantee you that there are students in attendance at Yale buying, selling and smoking the popular plant right NOW!!!!!!! I BET that there are Caucasians from all walks of life doing the same!!!!! You are playing off of a ridiculous stereotype.


Another issue I see in your writing is that regardless of the fact that Zimmerman did get into a scuffle with Trayvon, Zimmerman was told to NOT PURSUE. He even ADMITTED THAT to the 911 dispatcher. Zimmerman didn't say "I"ve been assaulted by a black kid, I'm going to pursue" (As you have presented in your post) He states he sees someone suspicious who looks like they might be on drugs (Trayvon kept reaching into his hoodie to pull something out and put it in his mouth, we later find this to be him eating skittles....along with an Arizona Ice Tea). On top of that, a witness who is largely ignored by the Police) admits to seeing Zimmerman with a bloody nose running after Trayvon with a gun, And need I remind you that this witness is a CAUCASIAN.


If Zimmerman was so out of shape as you say, then where did the energy come from causing him to run after Trayvon.


So heres another theory: Zimmerman gets out of his car to confront Trayvon, Trayvon already notices that there is this strange car following him so he keeps going only for this guy to get out and confront him. Trayvon gives the guy the one-two-punch, gets in a scuffle that bloodies Zimmerman and as soon as Zimmerman reaches for the gun, Trayvon RUNS LIKE HELL only for Zimmerman to follow him. Remember Trayvon does not have a weapon in his possession, so he freaks out seeing the gun.


But thats just my theory, because Trayvon is WALKING back from a CONVENIENCE STORE with some CANDY and ICE TEA, minding his OWN BUSINESS, with a hoodie on concealing his identity. I'm not denying Zimmerman's skills as a Neighborhood Watch Captain, He has an impressive track record that

has yielded results. He should have STUCK TO HIS USUAL ROUTINE and let the POLICE HANDLE IT.


(although not the same situation, I've been stopped by police on foot because I looked suspicious walking from Wal-Mart at night on my way back to campus, the officer explained that i did look suspicious and checked my License and THAT WAS IT, I wasn't offended by it, he left and I kept it moving)


If Zimmerman is the one screaming on the 911 call, then why does the screaming all of a sudden stop when the shot is fired and Zimmerman is calling the kid a "Fucking Goon" (Not Coon like some people want to believe, it was "Goon" they use the term alot in Florida, especially rappers from the state.)


I've read the official police reports, Zimmerman wasn't attacked WHILE IN HIS CAR, he was attacked AWAY FROM HIS CAR, and thats because he decided to be BOLD and confront Trayvon.



3 years ago on Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?