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I'm a longtime Winnipeg Jets fan, from the original team to the current.  When we lost our team to Phoenix boy was it gut wrenching and i understand everything that you wrote here about being sad and angry.  It is unfortunate that we regained our team at anothers expense.  It sucks.  It sucks for the true fans of the Thrashers. 


But during the bad time when the original Jets left, even though there was plenty of anger to go around absolutely no one ever thought about throwing our jerseys away.  Even years later when it looked as if we would never ever get a team back most people cherished those jerseys like prized possessions.  We looked back on our time with a team with great pride, respect and fond memories. The old jersey and team logo were still hot sellers long after the team had disappeared.


I suppose the people that threw their jerseys on the ice were trying to make a statement of some kind, but i'm not sure that is the way to go about it.

3 years ago on Thrashers jerseys tossed on ice at Jets/Predators game. | March