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 @AmericanforLiberty I understand what you and a lot of people believe they are seeing, and I agree with your general 'take' on the situation. I used to feel that resistance was futile as well.

The reason I offer what I am is that I was unaware of the number of those who are involved who hold similar beliefs as I do. You know, freedom an all that...

The difference between the hopelessness of the situation you describe and the reality is simply that... These efforts are real.


There are a great many in sensitive and powerful positions who are on board with the idea of Freedom. These are the people who are backing and helping in this effort.

I agree that everyone has 'opinions', BUT, were any of those who are so right in their own minds to simply read the posts I've already made, they would know the difference.

Check into the notification process of the declaration of statehood, sovereignty, and independence in order to 'get' these ideas.

IF there are so many outside who know of the general freedom efforts, exactly how many are on the inside? 

In general societal structure, all have basic uniformity as applied to the sociology of belief and knowledge. The things one segment knows, the same general knowledge is also held by all segments in the ratio or percentages. Thus, there is a sort of alignment and very little deviation, no matter the type of separation involved. 

The ideas of freedom are held in the same percentages by those that are supposed to be our enemies, as are held by us on the outside.

That said...

I am a spokesman for several reasons. I can be trusted to hold my tongue and still be able to get the idea out, basically.

I will leave the rest to those who read this.


3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @the pessimist  I understand and agree with your assessment.

What I did was some 2 1/2 years of research into law, international law, cannon law, and ecclesiastical law, and their origins/basis.

The process and application does follow present nation state notification process, and because of its base structure also uses precedent and procedure that is outside the dominion of anything offered today.

Thus it is in and of itself, free standing, and merits itself. Autonamous law.

Authority is exactly what the user uses of that authority, applied correctly, there is no challenge.

This steps outside the limits of nullification and all other limitations than the simple notification itself.

This is why our paperwork was given a gold star, etc.

Civilian authority was given to the military to act according to our founding documents and by We The People's consenting agreement on the action.

This avoids every objection I know of regarding the actionable part of our efforts.

However, it does allow our military to support a civilian action, federal marshal's in support of local law enforcement to take the crooks into custody.

It takes a lot of study in order to know the manner in which things of this nature can be accomplished...all this is a matter of record and has lawful/legal precedent to support it.

It is the part that follows this when the extreme load of work begins.

I offer that starting on a local basis can offer the foundation needed to straighten out a county, state, and eventually our country.




3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?


We The People have come to a crossroads.

Forget all the BS about everything BUT being American...

We all now have to dismiss the propaganda and find that common ground we all stand on.

Return to the basics of agreeing to go forward by doing the right thing and acting accordingly.

>The key here is the number of people, size of the crowd, and the how loud we can get.

It was stated to us that millions will not be ignored...large number.

IF taken seriously, and each person takes even modest actions, that number is achievable.

I offer that spreading the word can go well past that multiple million number.

IF anyone you know or who reads this, knows of any general regulation, law, or restriction, that eats at them, invades their privacy, or controls their life in any way...TALK to everybody!

IF people would like to be heard by our deaf representatives, I strongly suggest you ask everyone IF they feel the same way and how much they like it...?

>IF the people of a free nation need to understand, here it is...

Individual groups in individual states have completed a lawful/legal notice internationally that we are no longer members of the corporation, but are free nations states.

This was requested by authorities in the Pentagon...'can you replicate what you have done?'

We have more than a majority of the states and are working to get the rest.

We are working on part of a plan that has been some twenty years in the making. It was started by individuals who saw the direction our country was headed, and knew we needed to change directions.

We have the backing of our military and finances are in place.

What is needed is for every person who feels a patriotic calling to listen to their heart in relation to our country and believes in simply ask everyone you know if they feel the same way?

We are not asking anybody to follow anyone, we are asking for anyone who is serious about wanting to be free, to stand with our efforts.

Those efforts are stated quite clearly in our founding documents.

By our actions we have given new life to The Declaration of Independence. 

We are using the 1787 Constitution, including the original 13th Amendment.

The famous Bill of Rights.

Including The Articles of Confederation.

Quite an impressive list and each is included in our notification.

In order to hear what has been factually recorded, I suggest you look up the Freedom Reigns Show on Freedomizer Radio at Blog Talk Radio.

The two shows are dated 3/15, and 3/18.

My addressing the troops has gone international, progressing like wildfire through our active duty military. I'm hopeful that most of the reserve, retired, and disabled troops also listen to it. Reason being that you may be needed by your country in the near future...

I ended up with being a spokesman for this effort, primarily dealing with our military. And yes, I do have contact chains that offer intelligence others do not get.

A web site- has parts of the program and recordings as reference.

To let people know, I have been partially active with The Tenth Amendment Center for years.

->At this point, I would officially request The Tenth Amendment Center to join in this effort.

I've also requested the same involvement from The N.R.A., Oath Keepers, and a large load of nationally located militias.

Add to that, each and every person who would take freedom over what we have now and the direction we are being pushed not to my liking.

None of us want a shooting revolution.

The plan is designed to be peaceful, and not interrupt services, like utilities, etc.

This is NOT replacing our government, rather changing its structure while the crooks are removed.

The F.E.M.A. camps will be used to hold those removed from their offices, to await adjudication.

>Understand that after this house cleaning, certain key offices will need to be filled in order to continue general operations...those who fill these vacancies need to be people who are so honest they are painful to be around. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to take care of business...BUT qualified assistants will be needed.

Outside of that, think of your locations...many people are going to be needed to help straighten out the huge mess our supposed representatives have made.

As we return to common law,  that will take quite a few people some time to figure that out...


Exactly what kind of government structure will the people need?

A loaded question is one thing...these are overloaded.

Consider this as your last chance at setting our country free.

None of us are paid, we are all volunteers.

We ain't doing this for us, rather most have kids and grandchildren, and we feel they deserve better..

That's why.

3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @ThePainefulTruth Thought you were replying to a list of posts on this site dealing with the out of options article...?

3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?


 @ThePainefulTruth I am one of those who is involved in our coming revolution.

Most of the troops are paying attention.

BUT I see you can't even answer a simple question or three...?

My post/answer to your rant.

3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?




I doubt you have the security clearance to get past the front door, even so with your attitude you wouldn't be allowed in.

The art of controlling ones mouth is basic to getting any clearance.

Now that you have vented, sorry, but at this point I will apply my first amendment right to freedom of speech...unless of course you also do not believe in our constitution.

I will only ask you a couple of questions-

If this effort is so completely off, why did the Pentagon official request us to continue?

Why is it that several hundred thousand listened to one of the shows I was on?

How is it that my address to our military went all over the globe?

>I will not endanger those involved because someone who has no standing requires it. No matter what.

And yes, several have been killed over this effort that doesn't exist and has no official standing.

-After you get done puking, see if you have the self control to offer an answer to any of the above questions.

Show me your best.

Prove how much you know and that you might have the sense to offer a real answer instead of just trying to scream in a chat...

3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?


We offer another option.

The lawful notification of the world has been completed by a majority of the states.

The military is soon to be behind mass arrests of all the crooks. Yeah, they are on our side.

Financing is in place. Enough to pay the national debt several times over...

We are offering a County Project to rebuild and survive the mess that our representatives have made.

Hear me today on Freedom Reigns at blog talk radio 6 - 9 PM EST. There is a call in number...

As more people wake up to the situation we are in, the more will see the truth offered, and maybe stand up in order to be free...hmmm?

There are hundreds of thousands who are now listening, as this is very real...AND coming right at you.

Be ready to survive, gardens, food, water, an all that.

This 'plan' is set up to offer taking back our country in as peaceful a way as possible.

This is a group of several small groups in each state, we are not an organization and have no leader...

We leave freedom for all of us in order that We The People can change all that is apposed to our founding documents, the common law rule of law, and FREEDOM!

We are doing this for our children and grandchildren, and yours.

This an all volunteer effort, no one gets paid in any way.

I swear to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

My oath of service, taken November 1, 1966.



3 years, 1 month ago on Are We Out of Options?