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I remember the Reagan years. No jobs, increasing debt, stepping up hatred for some of our own citizens with the war on drugs. He even wanted kids to turn in their parents for smoking marijuana. Then he stuck his nose into the airline pilot strike where he had no business.

2 months, 1 week ago on Ronald Reagan Addresses the RNC, Puts Obama’s SOTU to Shame


We never let anything good leak out about a group we don't like. Back in the day. If a man was beating his wife, he would get a midnight visit by the KKK and taken out and beaten severely. That man rarely beat his wife again.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Was It Worth It: Failing to Quickly Eliminate bin Laden


in 2003  I suffered a back injury at work. I was routed to a workmans comp doctor who quickly dismissed my claim. It took 6 months for it to heal. However I became unemployable at that job because of the restrictions my own doctor gave me. I filed for disability and was denied.I decided to keep on trying to work. I held some menial jobs til 2005, where I took a job in a flooring manufacturing company. I sustained a torn meniscus injury and had to have surgery to fix it.In 2006 I took a job in a refrigerated warehouse which resulted in medial epicondylitis and had to have surgery to fix it. I lost my job there because of a work related injury. By then we were up to our necks in this recession. While trying to find work for 5 years I found no one wanted to hire an older worker. I am now disabled and filed for my disability only to find out it isn't there. I paid into social security since I was 18. I guess I can get supplimental security income which is at best $700.00 a month. I feel I'm being punished for trying to do the right thing. If I wait 5 years I can take early ssi, or 10 years for full. I guess I can eat air.

3 years ago on Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits – Who's Eligible and How it Works