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Looks like Blink is set to win again. I voted for HN/FOB as that resonates with me much more emotionally, but Blink is excellent and has more of a general appeal.

I also have no doubts that Day of Doctor is going to beat 11th hour. I voted for 11th hour as it's one of my favorites of Smith's era and Day of the Doctor is not my favorite, but I know I'm in minority here.

The final round will most probably be Blink vs Day of the Doctor, and Blink will get protest votes from those who don't like TDoD, plus its own votes. So that's my prediction. Blink is just great overall and it's hard to find faults with it,  except it always being on top and knocking everything else out. :)

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@King of the North

- main consequence of breaking of the fixed point was creation of Timelord Victorious. The Doctor replaced with Victorious was enough to screw up the Universe in the major way.

What happened to Yuri and Mia wasn't a fixed point - they lived on Earth afterwards and it was OK. Only Adelaide's death was a fixed point, and by trying to save her in particular the Doctor was doomed to turn into Victorious.  

The major difference from Pompei was trying to save the person he chose - saving whom he wanted instead of whom he could. He could save Yuri and Mia, but he was obsessed with saving Adelaide - and it was said in Voyage of the Damned that "if you could choose who lives and who dies, that would make you a monster". And it was prophetic. The Doctor tried to chose exactly that, and turned into a monster.

Technicalities of where Adelaide would end up were not important -  the Doctor turning into a monster was important. Forget Earth space exploration - it would be Timelord Victorious empire not unlike what Master tried to build.

Adelaide died to stop Victorious, to show him that he couldn't control everything. It was inevitable. After the explosion of Bowie Base 1 Adelaide and Doctor existences were incompatible: it was either her, or the Doctor (Victorious wasn't the Doctor anymore). She chose the Doctor. 

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As the Doctor once said to Missy: "You win".

This poll wasn't easy because both episodes are not my favorites, both are a mixed bag for me with parts which are  joy and happiness and parts which are mediocre, or even upsetting - and not in a good way. 

In TDoD I absolutely loved the last 3 minutes - the scenes with the Curator and Gallifrey Falls No More, and Doctors looking at Gallifrey, and "All Thirteen".  And I loved that the Doctor found the way to bring Gallifrey back: the Time War angst ran its course, and the show needed new direction.

As for the rest - I really tried to take everything in good humour and enjoy it, but I was really put off by how ugly and sordid they made Ten and Liz look, by general ugliness of their affair, by the boring (for me) Zygon subplot, by the treatment of Osgood. And I'm also not a fan of Clara. And Time War as shown in TDoD looked unimpressive - in contrast to subtle but much more effective way as in The Night of the Doctor or The Last Day.

In TDW/DiH I loved every second Missy was on screen. I just loved her as the Master, loved her scenery chewing,  her being evil and hilarious and sad at the same time. She was a revelation. And her tired laugh at the end of "Missy, Missy you so fine" was my favorite moment of acting in the entire 8th season. 

As for the rest - it had its share of subpar moments, and it had a shocker of Osgood's death which got me very upset, but on the whole, those things upset me less than what I didn't like in TDoD. And I preferred Clara with 12 to Clara with 11, so that helped too. 

In the end, it comes down to what I would rather rewatch - and as Missy has been on screen for much longer than 3 minutes, Missy wins. :)

3 weeks, 6 days ago on Revival Face-Off: Round #12


Easy choice for me. Turn Left. Even though 10th Doctor is my Doctor, I'm still choosing Doctor-lite episode as my favorite of Season 4. I like Midnight too, but for me Midnight is brilliant prose, while Turn Left is brilliant poetry, and I'm just a sucker for poetry.

Turn Left is so beautifully elegiac in its depiction of the dying world and of the brave souls who are staring into the night, and fighting  even as they know they are doomed. Donna and Rose are both amazing there. Catherine Tate blows me away with her performance, and the way Rose is standing in for the Doctor, how she becomes the Doctor for this episode, is so poignant. It's a swan song for both of Donna and Rose, in a way, as the finale is too crowded and too frantic with action.

The end when the Rueful Fate of Donna Noble's theme plays and the world reverses and screwdriver flies back to the Doctor's hand always gives me goosebumps. And then the cathartic hug between the Doctor and Donna, and Bad Wolf realization - wow.

The music in Turn Left is amazing. And the same "Turn Left" track plays when Donna makes a wrong turn, and also when the Doctor decides to go back to the Bowie Base 1 in "The Waters of Mars".  Both times we are witnessing breaking of a fixed point in time, and the terrible consequences of that. Both times we are left in the world without the Doctor, and both times someone has to die to set the world right and bring the Doctor back. It's mind-blowing and epic. Sorry Midnight, but you really can't beat that in my eyes.

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@johnI360 @MoserGray 

Do you understand what a time lock is?

It means Gallifrey is locked from the entire timeline, past, present and future. And it is impossible to go to Gallifrey in any time period, *including* before it was locked.

Otherwise, why the Doctor was whining about losing Gallifrey and being lonely throughout seasons 1-7? He could just hop into the TARDIS and go to the past before the War and visit Gallifrey and other Time Lords to his heart's content.

And you do realize that the only way to keep Time Lords (who could travel through time, in case it escaped someone's attention), out of the War was to lock Gallifrey in such a way so that they could not go into times before or after the War as well?

Yes, TARDIS being able to pop by Gallifrey violates the time lock. Was it a bug a feature? No idea at this point, but it *was* violated.

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Easy vote for me. "Robot of Sherwood" was the only Gatiss "Doctor Who" episode which I really truly liked and which I would gladly rewatch again and again.

The rest of his episodes would usually end up at the bottom of each season. Crimson Horror was OK, though. I even thought - wow, it's decent for a Gatiss episode. But then came 8.3 and just blew my socks off, so maybe Gatiss found his stride. :) Or maybe it's just a broken clock being right once, heh. 

7 months, 1 week ago on Face-Off: The Gatiss Episodes


Sorry, can't choose. They are both excellent.

7 months, 3 weeks ago on Face-Off: The Eleventh Hour vs Deep Breath


!!!!!!!!!  Amazing news!!! And a good trend for Doctor Who. 

Also, fantastic news for Dr.Who fans in the countries where there's no direct translation of BBC shows on TV. This is the chance to share the moment with fellow fans.

8 months, 3 weeks ago on Deep Breath To Be Shown in Cinemas Globally


Wonderful article!

Glad to see I'm not alone in being totally enthralled by Doctor Who music. 

Mr. Murray Gold created something magical, and I think his music is one of the major factors in the success of NewWho.  It enhances and enriches the story, makes it a proper legend.

I've never been obsessed with soundtracks before, but Murray Gold soundtracks are out of this world. Seriously,  the guy must be not from Earth, or maybe not quite mortal? :)

And it's his music which carried me from RTD and into Moffat era, the music gave the continuity. My experience was similar: the new 5th season theme tune seemed flat, but "I am the Doctor" brought the magic back.  

I seriously, seriously love Murray Gold. We are blessed to have him in Doctor Who.

9 months ago on The Importance of Doctor Who’s Theme Tunes


Would love to see some of the old gang who actually were in 2005 stories and who just happened to all live together in a parallel universe.

Meaning of course TenToo, Rose, Jackie and Pete.  Maybe Mickey too? Sorry but Eccleston is not coming back in any way, shape or form, deal with it.  Yes, I'd love to see him but his mind is set against it.

Yes. Piper and Tennant were in the 50th special but as different characters, so the novelty would still be there for TenToo and Rose.

Anniversaries are meant to be indulgent and nostalgic, so why not? And if RTD could be persuaded to pen it to... And with 12th Doctor story probably involving searching for Gallifrey, there could be a meaningful story there for TenToo learning that he didn't destroy it, and also maybe lending a hand in finding it, in some way.  

9 months ago on Will There Be a 10th Anniversary Special for the Revival?


Where on Earth did he find those critics sitting behind their keyboards and saying bad things about Capaldi? I've been to a lot of places but have yet to see anything but praise, excitement and anticipation for the Capaldi's Doctor. Seems like the fandom is united in loving him in advance. :) 

As for Jack returning - nothing in the DW logic would prevent that. He's immortal, yet he can age.  If they want to tell another story with Jack, they absolutely can. I wouldn't object to a cameo in a 10th anniversary of NewWho special.

9 months ago on Barrowman on Jack’s Future, Capaldi Critics


Inferno was great, but Silurians bored me out of my mind.

I thought Silurians to be a prime example where the story could be hugely improved by cutting out the middle and leaving, say, 4 episodes to tell it.

The idea of Silurians was really interesting, and the last 2 parts were  gripping, but the middle largely consisted of long stretches of people driving somewhere or sitting in houses doing nothing.

9 months ago on Are Longer Stories Better? Five Classics


@kian_chen Yeah. those who bought the magazine. :) Which anyone curious enough about the full list can do. 

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Why the Doomsday Farewell is Not the Greatest


 Then two years later, Rose came back and for me, it removed the purity of this scene, that goodbye was hollow for any Doctor Who fan 

What?!  Excuse me, but to prescribe this opinion to all Doctor Who fans is, using your words, "utter poppycock". You feel like this, fare enough, but to say that everybody else should  feel the same is ridiculous.

Why should the unexpected reunion later ever diminish the pain of separation? Why should the unexpected miraculous escape  diminish the perils heroes went through before? It happens practically in all fantasy and sci-fi, honestly, if you don't like that then you are in the wrong fandom.

I gather  return of Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor diminished the purity of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor's pain over losing it, as well? And made the 9 years of New Who hollow for you?

What about Kirk and Spock goodbye in the end of Wrath of Khan? Hands pressed against the glass, "I shall always be your friend" with the last breath - another iconic image of losing someone dear.  Was it diminished by Spock's return in the 3rd movie? 

Eucatastrophe, the miracle (often bittersweet) when all hope is lost, is part and parcel of myths and fairy tales, and also of fantasy and sci-fi, which are modern mythology. That is according to Tolkien, the father of fantasy genre.  

That Rose and Doctor were granted a bittersweet reunion, against all hope, goes with that archetypical trait.  I understand that some people didn't like Rose or Ten/Rose, were happy to see Rose leave and weren't happy to see here back. But let's not claim that eucatastrophe in principle  is wrong and cheapens the hero's journey, OK? 

And speaking of fathers of genres. According to this SFX quote: "From cinema to television, BOOKS to comics to video games, YOU voted – in fact over 96,000 votes were cast",  book moments were allowed too!

In that case, not seeing Tolkien's Mount Doom or Grey Havens, or Herbert Wells  "War or the World" Earth invasion (which scared people for real in the 30s when it was broadcast as a radioplay), or "Time Machine", or Frankenstein, on top of that poll just makes the rest of our squabbles seem petty. :)

Wells, Tolkien, Shelley not just wrote the greatest moments in scifi-fantasy-horror history. They CREATED scifi, fantasy and horror history. They created those genres, and nothing can ever beat that.  All those modern greatest moments were created on the shoulders of those giants, and from their height they all kinda blend for me. 

If those are not on top, then why not Doctor/Rose goodbye, it's as good as many others. It's an iconic, archetypical scene.  I agree with how SFX puts it: it reflects the general human agony of losing someone.  And that's what myths are about - they are about basic human truths.

Saving of Gallifrey is a great scene, but it's a great scene for Doctor Who history rather than for general human condition. It will be an iconic scene for DrWho fandom, but I doubt it will become that in the public conscience, like it happened with "I'm your father" or "Live long and prosper" - other worthy candidates for top #1.

But  of course it's just opinions of some other people. That some folk love Doomsday ending doesn't mean other folk have to love it. SFX magazine doesn't order everyone to love it, they just say that it's a favorite of many.  

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Why the Doomsday Farewell is Not the Greatest


@shyx111 @MrsUnderhill Utopia? The first  ever Master appearance in new Who?  Derek Jacobi transforming to John Simm? Come on, it belongs on this list. But agree that Pandorica monologue, at least, should be there too.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Doomsday Farewell Declared Greatest Sci-Fi Moment


FYI: here is the list of other Doctor Who moments which made it into top 250:

#244- End Of Time- The Doctor utters the words, “I don’t want to go.”

#239- The Day Of The Doctor- The 13 Doctors save the day.

#118- The War Games- The time Lords appear for the first time.

#106- Spearhead From Space- Autons gun down shoppers.

#78- Earthshock- Aldric’s death

#67- The Dalek Invasion of The Earth- A dalek rising from the Thames.

#52- Rose- Chris Eccleston first appears to help Rose

#44 Utopia- Professor Yana is revealed to be the Master

#15 An Adventure In Time & Space- Matt Smith appears next to David Bradley’s William Hartnell.

#14 Genesis Of The Daleks- The Doctor asks “Do I have the right to destroy the greatest enemy?”

#13 Blink- The weeping angels surround the TARDIS.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Doomsday Farewell Declared Greatest Sci-Fi Moment


The ending of Doomsday is just sublime. Acting, music, artistic direction - it all combined to create a dramatic masterpiece, and one hell of an emotional punch. Maybe it's not a traditionally sci-fi moment, but it's great drama.

I'm very happy to see that it was recognized. It affected many people deeply, and not just your typical sci-fi fans. That's why I think it tops the list. Plus being somewhat new, in comparison to classic Star Wars, Star Trek or Alien.

Being a Trek fan, I would put the end of Wrath of Khan on the same level or higher, but I realize those movies feel dated for many people now. Replacing old greats with new greats is somewhat inevitable.

9 months, 3 weeks ago on Doomsday Farewell Declared Greatest Sci-Fi Moment


Yes please! I'm even not against it becoming a running feature like in "Wacky adventures of old Doctor geezers". They are just too much fun.

10 months ago on The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Getting A Follow-Up?


Yes,  Day of the Doctor / TIme of the Doctor made it all about the Daleks and didn't  really mention moral corruption of the Time Lords. But then, Night of the Doctor addressed that, so it was acknoweged by Moffat. And that gives me hope that the Gallifrey issue will be handled properly, in all its complexity.

Gallifrey can't be returned until Rassilon is overthrown. The End of Time established that, and Day/Time of the Doctor, while not denying this dilemma, just skipped it.

Which was fine with me, as I see TEoT and DotD as two pieces of the same puzzle, or picture.  TEoT showed one side of the issue - corruption and danger of Rassilon and Co, and DotD the other side - side of ordinary Gallifreyans, and the danger of Daleks etc. 

But when they decide to "find" Gallifrey, they better address what happened to Rassilon, and whether the danger of him destroying reality is gone.

Who will do that - the General, or the Master, or the Woman, or maybe the Doctor - I don't care, but somebody needs to stop Rassilon and it needs to be mentioned. Then, for me, RTD and Moffat Time War canon will be seamless.

The Doctor finding a way to avoid the genocide of his people, even if it takes him hundreds of years, is very in character for the Doctor. He always finds a way.  His ultimate story is the story of adventure, hope and triumph of intellect, not tragedy.  Tragedy and heartbreak could be a phase, but the Doctor always moves on. 

What happened in DotD didn't diminish RTD era for me one bit. 9th and 10th suffering was real, their journeys broke my heart. But I'm happy now  that in the end it lead to hope. 

As for the Doctor as the man who never would  - 9th couldn't do it in Parting of Ways. 10th couldn't do it with Sontarans (and not just with his daughter's kilelr) - it was shown that "coward any time" was who they really were. When 10th sent Rassilon and Co back into the Moment, he didn't blow them up, he reestablished what he saw as a status quo, sent them somewhere where they would continue. Not really that different from what 3 Doctors did with the Moment.

10 months, 1 week ago on Why Bringing Back Gallifrey is Wrong


It's for the best that David Tennant went when he went and Matt Smith came when he came. 

Moffat and RTD are two legends, too big to be obscured by each other's shadow. Moffat needed his own toys to play with, so to speak, to establish his own vision and direction.

And it's not true that Moffat era had no continuuity from RTD, that it was no connection. There were two connections: Murray Gold and River Song. Love them both.

10 months, 1 week ago on What if… Tennant had stayed for Series 5?


@ilyootha @MrsUnderhill he still tells Wilf that if he regenerated, "everything he is would die", and "a new man would go sauntering away", so the problem still remains.

Not really, if  instead of taking it as "I think I'll regenerate and I hate it because it's same as dying", we take it as "I think I'll die, it sucks, everything sucks, and oh, by the way, regeneration sucks too, I'm just in a bad sucky mood  now". 

Then it will all click. He wasn't stating his life-long conviction that "regeneration = death", he just was depressed and ranting.

"Timelords live too long", "I think I lived too long" - those are his life-long convictions, they outweigh his outburst to Wilf by a mile.

As for seeing that his regeneration started - yes, he saw it started but  there was no guarantee, for him, that it would finish, with  4 knocks prophecy and Ood "song ending" thing heavy on his mind.

And as I said, he had experiences of almost-regeneration which would have ended in death. If his hands started glowing in "42" he would be as terrified in regenerating with sun creature still inside.  

Anyway, The End of Time leaves it ambiguous enough so anyone can pick a reading they want. For me 10th thinking he would die makes much more sense.

His weakness was believing in fate, in fate/Universe out to get him and those he loves. That's why he went off the rails in Waters of Mars. So when the Ood said "your song is ending" and then the 4 Knocks thing, he believed in that and believed he would die.

And there was the double irony: that he thought he would die as a part of important prophecy, during the epic battle.  And then it wasn't neither about the epic battle nor about death. It was saving an ordinary man followed by an ordinary regeneration.  

10 months, 2 weeks ago on The End of Time: Why it Needs More Love


@ilyootha It could have been fixed so easily! Make the Doctor believe that he was really going to die.

Funnily, that's how I read it on my first viewing and how I've been reading it ever since. :) Nothing in the episode precludes you to read it like that: that the Doctor thought he would die, that he wouldn't survive regeneration.

Just put "I lived too long" when he goes into the booth (the Doctor lived too long, not Ten) against "I will die, but even regeneration feels like death", and the former comes out stronger, in my opinion.  Yes, he doesn't like regeneration, but what he talks to Wilf about is real death.

And Ten had brushes with real death at least in Satan's Pit and in 42. Both times he would be regenerating in conditions not compatible with life, and would die for real if not for that miracle or other.

And then "I don't want to go" - he still wasn't sure what would happen, it was fear of the unknown. TARDIS blew all around him, if 11th was caught regenerating  in a vacuum he would be done for.

10 months, 2 weeks ago on The End of Time: Why it Needs More Love


Love this story, and it's great to see the article praising it for all the right reasons.

And  i loved and would always defend "It's not fair" and "I don't want to go". Those moments were so human! 

There's an irony in how 10th Doctor wanted to be like humans all his life, but what he got was to  feel  death like a human. His "I don't want to go" mirrored John Smith's "Why can't I stay". His "it's not fair" rage mirrored Adelaide Brooks'. She fought against her fate till the last moment , but then saw that she had no choice and died to save the Doctor. Doctor did the same, when he died to save Wilf. They even both got "Vale" song!

And his terrified look at his glowing hand - it's such a human fear of of dying, of crossing into the unknown. He was alone, and his "I don't want to go" was to himself. Yes, I'm aware that it was RTD speaking too. But I prefer to see it as a human emotion admitted just to himself.

Also, it might not be a popular opinion but I thought 10th Doctor expected to die for good. All those 4 knocks prophecies - they sounded too severe to just be about regeneration.

And when he went into that booth, he said to Wilf "I lived too long". Meaning not as Ten (it was just 6 years), but as the Doctor. Meaning, he expected to die as the Doctor, not just as 10th incarnation.

And when he said "regeneration too feels like dying" I thought all he meant was "I'm gonna die, I know that, but regeneration's no fun either". 

And that's why he took TARDIS to orbit - he expected it to blow up. 11th Doctor coming out of it and surviving the fall with the TARDIS felt like a miracle.

But of course we then had another miracle with 11th Doctor rebranded as 13th and getting a new cycle. :)

10 months, 2 weeks ago on The End of Time: Why it Needs More Love


Looking good in an orange spacesuit should be a requirement for the Doctor, and Capaldi is passing with flying colours. Damn, he looks fantastic! Hope this suit also means danger and something reeeally unpleasant for the Doctor, hehehe.

11 months ago on Series 8 Filming: Spaceman


Agree with everything he said. Doctor should be played by a character actor, not a traditional leading man. He should be quirky, eccentric and sometimes act like a kid.

My favourite Doctor moments, with any Doctor, are when he is being a big child. 3rd Doctor was called "James Bond Doctor" but he was the biggest child of them all, with all his toys. :)

I'm glad to hear that Capaldi will have his inner child moments too!

As for Doctors not being conventionally attractive - of course, because they are attractive unconventionally. From "big ears" to "stick of nothing" to "chinny", they were all charismatic devils in their own way. :) And Capaldi fits in there too.

11 months, 1 week ago on Moffat: Handsome Actors don’t suit the Doctor


I don't hate Daleks story, and Sontarans story has plenty of good moments.  Doctor had great, memorable moments in both two-parters ("Are you my mommy?" Thinking that Donna is leaving him, neverending sacrifices in Dalek episodes etc) . Dalek Sek looked silly and talked silly, but he touched me, he was a tragic character despite all that.

But overall I consider Dalek episodes to be the worst in S3, and Sontaran episodes the worst in S4. Not bad, but worse than the rest.  Very clumsy and tiresome in places, with something missing. Maybe she got better since then, but from her DW time - no, wouldn't look forward to  her return.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Bring Back… Helen Raynor


Yeah, makes sense. Can't ignore it because it better be explained away at some point in the show.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on RTD: Fans Can’t Ignore “Half-Human” Doctor


Hee, a spoon! Such a Doctorish weapon, love it! But he's not the first, Angel once defeated a villain with a spoon, in Season 5. :)

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Series 8 Filming: En Garde!


Thank you for the article! Rose and Doctor/Rose story became kind of a punching bag in Doctor Who fandom, but they are loved by so many.  It's great to see the other side speaking out.

I can't say Rose is my favorite NewWho companion - that would be Donna, while I love all of them. But what I can say is that Doctor/Rose is my favorite story arc in NewWho. This love story defined both Nine and Ten runs, and gave their tenures the drama and emotional cohesion.  And it didn't overshadow Martha or Donna, or Master, or whacky adventures.

Now to critisism. Season 2  is uneven, yes. But it had brilliant episodes like SR, GitF, Impossible Planet/Satan PIt, and of course the final 2. For me Doomsday was the best finale of RTD era, it had loads of character moments, humour, plot, and the sublime ending.  

And it had just plain fun episodes like New Earth.  Mostly importantly, it was a season when Doctor and Rose were happy, and I got to appreciate it in light of bleakness of the rest of 10th story. 

Like Agatha Cristie said in S4, fun is in the chase and not in getting it, and S2, Doctor and Rose were getting it, until they were broken apart and it was back to the chase. So yes, dramatically S3 and S4 were stronger, but S2, for those how loved D/R, was just enjoyable and fun.

As for other criticism - Rose's  jealosy, for example. Now please show me any other character in DW who weren't jealous for those they loved? Mickey, Nine and Ten were jealous about Rose, Sarah Jane was jealous of the Doctor (and she started it first in SR), as well as Martha.

And it's OK, it's human , everyone who loves can't escape jealosy. What was great about all of them is that they could rise above it and relate to others in a caring, kind way. Rose and Sarah Jane, Rose and Martha - they became friends.  And Mickey and Rose were always great friends who deeply cared about each other as human beings.   

Rose didn't owe Mickey to return his feelings. Doctor didn't owe same to Martha. And Rose didn't owe it to Jackie to stay by her side and alleviate her loneliness instead of moving on with her life just because Jackie had nothing else to live for.  It was Jackie's problem, not Rose's. And the problem Jackie rose above as well. Jackie moved on with Alt!Pete, had a new family, her life was no longer empty without Rose.

And that was the whole point! That you should not be stuck pining on what you can't have and should have strength to move on. Jackie did it, Mickey did it, Martha did it, and it was great for them.  Oh, and the best advice for  a parent is to let your children go and live their own lives, build their own families. Keeping your adult children at your side by all means is not healthy, see "Psycho". 

For Rose and Doctor moving on was more difficult because they loved each other, their relationship was what both of them wanted, and both were alive. Still, Doctor was ready to move on with Astrid. And Rose - she started building that cannon when universes started collapsing, so she was quite busy. 

And when Rose and TenToo got together - I hated it when I first saw it, because it was so unfair on Ten. But later I appreciated it for its direct meaning of a parallel world in which Doctor and Rose (and TenToo was the Doctor he was the same person, parallel version) are together. The road not taken - but the Doctor managed to take both of those roads.

And yes, Rose and Doctor wanted to get together because they loved each other. It's not about clingingess, or selfishness. It's about building life together. What humans do. 

11 months, 2 weeks ago on A Bad Wolf or Just Plain Bad? Addressing Rose Criticisms


Nice to see 7th Doctor getting some love. Some of 7th stories were rubbish but when they were good they were really good. And Ace is my favourite companion of the Classic era.

Yes, they used 7th stories in New Who, like "Human Nature" but you could see other similarities, like some elements of "Ghost Light" in "Tooth and Claw". And 7th rage at the Daleks in "Remembrance of the Daleks" was very "Family of Blood", and for a similar reason: Daleks wanting to steal Time Lord's power.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on DWM #473: Here’s to the Future


@Liana21 DAMN!!! And here I was avoiding Champion League spoilers until I can watch it after work! Who would have thought that Doctor Who board will spoil me!

Ugh. At least it's a nice spoiler. Otherwise I'd be like Ten in Family of Blood. :) Aupa Atleti, I guess. :))) Will see details in the evening.

Otherwise, I agree. Chris didn't want to be in it, end of story.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Moffat on Why Hurt to Eccleston Regeneration Was So Short


100% with Russel on this one. What a bunch of nonsense.
He took the show from the cult corner and made it into general cultural phenomena exactly through this: through character drama and emotional investment. Putting the Doctor through the wringer of Time War, making him vulnerable and desperate for human connections was a stroke of genius. Now, after the show is back in the public conscience, it can go back to the traditional geeky, alien Doctor.

 But to revive it it needed a shock, and that's what RTD had done.

  As for the love story: it's a direct result of Time War. Doctor is the only survivor of his species, and even Daleks wanted to mate with humans when there were just 4 of them left. And there were big fat hints dropped all over the story: humanity mixing and spreading their DNA throughout the galaxies and surviving. With Cassandra the purebred as a cautionary tale.
Doctor falling in love was almost biological imperative. And psychological too, of course, as he was totally alone. And he still took his time to take those big fat hints, the old git. I'd imagine that he was out of practice for hundreds of years after his first family, so coming back to the dance wasn't easy. Still, at least TenTwo is out there, hopefully spreading Gallifreyan DNA in more natural way than Ten in Evolution of the Daleks. :)

    And now that Gallifrey is back, kinda, we get the Doctor as an older dude again. Imperative is gone. It all makes sense.

    As for why Rose - what a daft question. Love is irrational. It just happens. It didn't mean that Rose had to be a superwoman for the Doctor to love her. And she wasn't. She was just the person he needed and connected with.
That it's so difficult to understand and accept is another thing I don't get. Yes, one might say that the execution was bad, or that chemistry wasn't there, or that the story didn't convince, but to deny that the love story was there? And to keep saying that Doctor was wrong to be putting Rose above others? He didn't! He loved her, that's all. And couldn't get over her, which for an old git like him would be hard, of course. Hard to fall for it, hard to get over it.
For me Doctor and Rose love story worked beautifully. All of it. And didn't stand in a way of enjoying stories of his other companions.

Dunno. I just love RTD era, warts and all. It was intense and beautiful and made me a Doctor Who fan, so cheers to RTD.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on RTD on Doctor Who Becoming “Too Soapy”


Spin-off is 100% unrealistic at the stage, but 10th NewWho Anniversary episode with guest appearances from  TenToo and Rose would have been perfect! More so if written by RTD.

Moffat was never fond of Ten/Rose, and wouldn't give a good fan service. And it's all this is about, really. :)  

And yes, would love to see Jenny at some point, too.

11 months, 3 weeks ago on Piper Up for Rose/Meta-Crisis Ten Spin-Off