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This article is so stupid because its author takes too many elements at face value. When the Tenth said so many times that he is the same person as the Ninth, it's just, in the context, a way to calm his interlocutor down, specifically Rose. She started to be panicking so he used the short way to explain what happened. BUT, unless being blind and stupid, with each regeneration comes a new man (ok Time Lord ;-) ). A new man, with the same past, the same memories, the same main guidelines of personality, but a new way to feel the world, to feel the decision to make, a different way to act and react to things and people.

Why? Three obvious reasons. ONE, in case people haven't notice, it's not the same actor so, not the same acting/performance. For instance, look at the performances of Hartnell, Davison, Eccleston or Capaldi: do you HONESTLY see a lot of resemblances in their acting?!

TWO, the writers aren't the same: they portrayed Doctors that they wanted, accordingly to their time, what they wanted the character to be, what the audience agreed the Doctor could be (I sincerely doubt that Tennant's or Smith's Doctors would have been accepted by the audience back in the 60s...). And if you still have doubt, THREE, consider two episodes: The Christmas Invasion and the Eleventh Hour. In those two episodes, the Doctor insists several times on the fact that he doesn't know who he has become, how he feels now, what he likes/dislikes, what kind of personality does he have, etc etc...

The point is, if regeneration isn't a physical death, IT'S STILL A DEATH!!! The death of a personality. And even if we know that the "I don't wanna go" line also echoes Davies' and Tennant's departure from the show, THAT DOESN'T MEAN the Doctor could not feel sad that his 10th (well 11th since the War Doctor is one of them) incarnation is about to die, simply because, of all his previous incarnation, this one was the one he liked the best at this time...

When I watch again the End of Time, I'm never watching the departure of Tennant and even Davies'. I'm watching an heroic, funny and simple Time Lord who had a very passionate life and who loved all the things that happened to him, and who is facing the end of it. He knows he is not physically going to die, that he will still see the world, but he is full of regrets and nostalgia because he isn't going to see the world with the same eyes, touch it with the same skin, feel it with the same emotions, interact with it with the same passion, the same personality. ASK YOURSELF THAT QUESTION: Would you like to cheat death by living everything through the eyes and feelings and opinions of someone else?! You won't be you anymore, just someone else. So in the end, it's death and the Tenth didn't wanted to die. Period!

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Why I Hate the Tenth Doctor’s Regeneration


The difference between Gatiss' childhood and now is that now people are so passionate with the stupid Avengers or League of Justice... People are being used to the idea that heroes can meet. They just want more and more and more (because they can't achieve to be satisfied with simple things) without realising how stupid and how exaggerate this is to make a universe in which Batman and Superman coexist! They don't care anymore if that kind of coexistence brings something interesting and clever to the storyline: they just care about the fact it might be fun, even if "fun" is completely silly and insane and absurd.

Let's just enjoy and appreciate each superheroes in their own respective universe!! I don't want and don't need to be polluted with Avengers or League of Justice or a battle between Goku and Superman or a meeting between the Doctor and Sherlock...

4 months, 1 week ago on Gatiss: I don’t see why people are so obsessed with ‘Wholock’


Series 7... Too Dark??!!! NOT THAT DARK AT ALL!! The problem of series 7 is not being too dark or not, but being so badly written...

4 months, 1 week ago on Moffat on Criticisms that Doctor Who Is Too Dark


whether you like it or not, I think Rose is the new Sarah Jane... With all the respect due to herself and her character... IT WOULD BE AWESOME to see Rose coming back with Peter's Doctor!! Even just for one episode!!! Please Steven!! PLEASE!!! Make it happen!!  ;-)

6 months, 2 weeks ago on Piper Praises Capaldi, Unsure on Another Return


@CassandraAtticum @angelusnathan  I know that!! And precisely, he kinda over used it: the last time, when was it again...? Oh such a long time ago... like 2 episodes ago...

8 months ago on Watch the Deep Breath Cinema “Prequel”


It seems that Moffat isn't being sick of the lazy jokes about the Tenth yet... Pity cause we are!!! It's kinda exhausting: always the same joke (very original and creative by the way) about the "I don't wanna go" thing, just like the "oh you've redecorated/I don't like it" one... It's time that Moffat regenerates too, the sooner the better... On the writting, Moffat has just been such a bad showrunner. However, he used to be so good when writting for RTD... Since "The Girl in the Fireplace", "Blink" or "Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead", he never did anything approaching the quality of writting of those...

8 months ago on Watch the Deep Breath Cinema “Prequel”


A very average episode... 5/10...

Some nice and funny situations, some pleasing references (Tom Baker's doctor and the previous apperences of Peter in the Whoverse)... It was interresting to make ""a kind of a sequel"" to the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace". But, it's a poorly related sequel... The T-Rex idea is completly absurd and pointless. The story telling is very average too... No epic moment, no thrilling theme tune for the 12th... Kinda disappointing.

On the other hand, and although the episode was kinda bad, the performance of Peter Capaldi was very very interesting!! I'm sure he is gonna be a terrific Doctor!!

8 months ago on Rate & Discuss Deep Breath


For the New Era, don't forget the mini episode "Time Crash" in which Tennant faces Davison... ;-)

8 months, 4 weeks ago on The Future of Multi-Doctor Stories


6x12 / Closing Time:

Dorian: "It's all still waiting for you... The Fields of Trenzalore, the fall of the Eleventh and the Question!"

Maybe the Doctor never calls himself the "xxxth Doctor" but if everybody around him defines him in such a way, there is a reason!! Especially in this case, cos' "the fall of the Eleventh" is part of a so called prophecy....

Once again, Moffat is playing around with us, just to be able to do whatever he wants of Doctor Who... And as always, everybody claps... WTF???!!!

9 months, 1 week ago on Moffat Questions “Twelfth Doctor” Title


It would have been so great for Matt Smith to have the Clarity Doctor Who theme by Lord... 

Also used in this great fan-made opening!!

9 months, 1 week ago on The Importance of Doctor Who’s Theme Tunes


The Robin Hood costume is just so ridiculous!! Such a cliché and so not historically accurate...

11 months, 4 weeks ago on Series 8 Filming: En Garde!