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I use pandora radio its awesome, i love the classic song, no better place than radio to hear those :)

4 years ago on Pandora Radio App sync to your car?


I would say just one thing it is affordable, it is good and it is best :D

4 years ago on Dual XDMA7650 Car Audio Receiver


Its one of the best app ever i have seen....

Really good job done.

4 years ago on The Rejection Therapy iPhone app is Out!


U.S. has a good range of tech wonder their soldier can develop this.

4 years ago on US Soldier Develops iPhone App To Target The Taliban


This is really a cool gadget.....

I need this now :D

4 years ago on TRON-Xbox-360-Controller -The Game Fanatics


Awesome post!!!!......Social Media is very easy to use but you would need to be very bold.....

4 years ago on Others First Friday: Your Business and the Holidays


Christmas holidays are so fun, we eagerly wait for santa clause and new year :)

Happy Holidays

4 years ago on Ask Joe Thornton: Holiday Advice | December


I will try to find the economist :D

Happy Holidays :)

4 years ago on Happy Holidays!


I always enjoy reading your stuff....

Happy holiday and thanks for keeping us enjoy,.

4 years ago on Happy Holidays to my friends, family, associates and loved ones.


Yes indeed.....this is a good ad, i feel it really really needs to get viral and should be displayed in most countries.

4 years ago on NYC Health Ad Against Drinking Sodas [video]


I am a big fan of yoga and meditation.....i love relaxing free my body......wonderful holistic health.

4 years ago on Park Ridge DDS on Holistic Health


Good article, there has been very much politics in almost all departments in world....

I loved the headline.

4 years ago on The Politics of Health Care


I love singing but i dont like listening to gets me bore very quickly.....

4 years ago on Asthma Caused By Tylenol -- Gasp! -- Try Music For Your Lungs


WOW....That is love......

amazing and very effective post......

4 years ago on Blind Dog Has Seeing-Eye Cat


Even my aunt lives there, she does also feel safe :)

4 years ago on Millions of Americans and Canadians Live in Mexico SAFELY


that is rofl news

Good one.

<a href="">Health Tips</a>

4 years ago on Olive Garden Serves Sangria To Toddler: Days After Applebee's Mixup


Number one seed is good but the health is much more important.

4 years ago on Rest, heath, or the number one seed? | April


Health care law is really needed, we have seen all over the world that the different disease have increased incredibily.

4 years ago on Price predicts Supreme Court will strike health care law


This is really sad to know....i hope all are good....

4 years ago on ESPN OTL Report Finds Health Violations at Amway Arena | July


In feb month i refused all the junk food and also made sure my friends refuse it too.

4 years ago on Heart Health


I wish a good health on this world health day to everyone.

4 years ago on On World Health Day, a Major Scare


I feel this is majorly on the person who is suffering from RA, i think homeopathic treatment could be better, but in the end its a personal call.

4 years ago on Rheumatoid Arthritis: Beat the Pain Naturally


I hate it when people compare skin tone.......whats the big deal ....some are black, some are white.....

4 years ago on Why do people care about Sammy's skin color?


Pansonic + Android.....a dreadful combination.

Awaiting it.

4 years ago on Android Takes Flight With Panasonic's New In-Flight Entertainment System


I own apple television........HD.....AT ITS BEST.

4 years ago on Analyst: Apple launching HDTV in the next 2 to 4 years


Perfect looking machine.....Its attractive yet powerful.

4 years ago on Broadcom and EchoStar Unveil SlingLoaded(TM) HD DVR


I am eagerly waiting to buy PS3.....

4 years ago on This Weeks Sony Releases At Retail


Sony is the most reliable brand....i dont think LG could come even closer to it.

4 years ago on LG Attempting To Pull Sony PS3's & TV's From US Shelves


Sony has been making many 3d tech LCDS........

Great success who enter first.

4 years ago on Sony 3D TV


Brilliant, Awesome design .....Nothing better than this.

4 years ago on Sony unveils Google TV HDTVs and Blu-ray player


There has always been something gritty between sony and apple...

I enjoy their cat mouse fight.

4 years ago on Sony CEO spills the beans about iPhone 5


I believe Plasama is better.......yet LCD is used most.

4 years ago on ┬┐Que es mejor Plasma o Lcd?


Chris Paget, i have become a fan of yours now......What bunch of knowledge...


4 years ago on Hacker reveals another flaw in GSM based cell phone networks


Is it applied for south east asians?

4 years ago on Make Free Cell Phone Calls To Japan


Good selection of pictures, i mean nice composition, they are looking absolutely gorgeous.


4 years ago on Luxury Cell Phones By Bellperre


WOW....i am waiting it to be on my cell phone, i just love NFL.......:D

4 years ago on NFL RedZone coming to your cell phone


People does not follow the rules while driving, Thats a big worry and then they blame system.

What a Shame.,

4 years ago on 24,000 people were injured in cell phone related car accidents in 2009, 995 deaths


I would just like to phrase the psychology of teen, they like to show off does not matter what the surrounding is.......i lol at the point "35% of teens with an internet capable phone never access the internet", but it is really true.

Good research.

4 years ago on How are teens (12-17yrs old) using their cell phones


I must say the researcher has damn patience......

4 years ago on Check Out - The Shocking Numbers Behind Cell Phone Usage


I hate talking on cell phones for more than 5 mins, its really annoying and irritates me.....

4 years ago on Cell Phone Talkers Annoy Our Brain


Yes every thing needs a sanitizer these days.......i need to sanitize my notebook now


4 years ago on UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Announced


Ski race is so much fun, i love the thrill of speed and the power of balance.....

4 years ago on The 34th Annual Great Ski Race


Skiing has always been a fun for me....i love the thrilling experience of speed with balance.

4 years ago on Uphill Skiing Fails Miserably At Vancouver Games | Other Sports


Jaco is a beautiful place.....Costa rica rocks always......

4 years ago on Thinking About A Costa Rica Vacation? Check Out Jaco


I think it will be google, i dont think they can go for Palm OS.

4 years ago on Lenovo to purchase Palm?


Epic!!!!....Looking like an Imac... :)

4 years ago on Dinner with Lenovo


Control from human eyes....this is really something big......I think this is going to rock.

4 years ago on Lenovo Eye Controlled Laptop


Illegal downloading is a big worrying factor in the world. It has hit many industries.......I think the best thing would be to ban them, But its not that easy.

4 years ago on Malaysia to consider new law to end illegal downloading


Amazing....Intel is the king of processors and motherboard.

4 years ago on Intel Brings Some "Eye Candy" With New Chip Launches