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Bummer this isn't real. Sorry, but after seeing Capaldi as the coward who lacked the balls to stand up to the government and the 456, ultimately killing his wife, children & self, in season 3 of Torchwood; AND as another dad who cowers in a corner with his family, waiting to die at Pompeii, before Donna convinces the Doctor to save them... That's all I see. A gutless, sniffling coward.

Sorry, Dr Who writers, but you set the character... I am not looking forward to the new season with this dude as the Doctor.

I will, of course, give it the benefit of doubt. I'll give a capaldi a shot, but I have a feeling this is the end of Dr Who.

(Capaldi would make a great Master though. Perhaps the best April Fool's joke would be to to make this story not a joke!)

1 year ago on Capaldi is Not the Doctor!